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Nov 8, 2006 06:10 PM

Restaurants in Arlington

We will be staying in Arlington, Va for the week of 12-26-1/1. We have reservations @ CityZen & Citronelle in DC area. Want to spend time exploring restaurants in Arlington, specifically in Courthouse area? Open to all cusine.

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  1. Ultimately your best bets for fine dining, in my opinion, are in DC (with the exception of Inn @ Little Washington). There are certainly plenty of good places in that area, but not a ton of great ones. Do you have price ranges or is price not an issue?

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      Price is not an issue. We are planning to spend most of time in DC area. Wanted to explore Arlington area for 1 or 2 nights.

    2. Are you planning on 5 straight days of fine dining then? If you're willing to slum it in Arlington:

      In the Courthouse area, you will want to check out Rays the Steaks (search for other discussions). Other places that have been discussed before, and I enjoy regularly in Arlington include Pasha, Whitlow's on Wilson, Ravi Kabob, Super Pollo, Attilla's on Columbia Pike, El Paso Cafe, El Charrito Caminante, Carribean Grill, Lost Dog, Lebanese Taverna, Nam Viet, and others. There are a lot of other establishments, but these are all moderate to low-priced options and not chains...well Nam Viet and Lebanese Taverna have a couple locations but they started in Arlington.

      1. I apologize, I neglected Ray's the Steaks. It is truly wonderful for Arlington.

        1. Geez...I definitely wouldn't refer to dining in Arlington (especially the Clarendon area) as slumming it! While DC has the majority of nicer restaurants...Arlington has it's fair share of fun, nice and authentic restaurants. I would encourage you to head more towards Clarendon versus Courthouse...but it's just one more Metro stop up...or a quick walk.

          I have enjoyed my meals at:
          Sette Bello
          Boulevard Woodgrill
          Harry's Tap Room
          Tallula Restaurant & Wine Bar

          I also like Cafe Asia in Rosslyn...though some other Chowhounders disagree...I think it's a fun environment with delicious asian dishes...and great sushi.

          Since you've picked two of the best DC restaurants...don't expect the same at the above restaurants...however these restaurants still offer some great choices! Welcome to the DC Metro Area...I hope you have a great experience!

          1. How about Bebo in Crystal City? Not the Courthouse area, but close to Metro and it's getting a lot of good mentions on the boards here.