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Nov 8, 2006 05:35 PM

downtown fondue?

Anyone have any suggestions for a downtown restuarant featuring fondue that's reasonably priced? (My friends & I are students/non-profit workers...)


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  1. Not really downtown but Dip ,3rd Ave btwn 29th and 30th, is a nice little spot for drinks and fondue with friends

    1. Dylan Prime has fondue on their appetizer menu. I think it's pretty good (nothing like Artisanal) but it's downtown and moderately priced. Dylan Prime also has an excellant drink menu. You and your friend could treat yourself to some fondue and cocktails!

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        I agree that Dylan Prime has a great fondue appetizer but it is probably out of the price range of the OP, "students/non-profit workers".

      2. The Bourgeois Pig on 7th street btw 1st and Avenue A is perfect for you for some yummy fondue. They have half price bottles of wine until 7 every night and all night monday and tuesday. Even without the happy hour it's pretty cheap. It's really small and cozy- but by small I mean I think the biggest table is for 4 people.