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Expensive sandwiches that are worth it?

Ok, I know fancy sandwich places charge absurd amounts of cash, but I just spent $11 on a sandwich from Cardullo's in Harvard Sq. that was worth it and then some. It's called the Donald, and it has duck confit, fig spread, and gruyere on a baguette. It ruelz. It's like the sandwich that Henry VIII would eat right after getting remarried.

Any others that merit the steep price?

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  1. Hi Rise Bakery in Cambridge is definitely worth it as well.

    IMO, All Star Sandwich Bar is not.

    1. Flour's BLT is amazing. It's not crazy expensive, but definitely pushing it at somewhere around $7.

      1. If you're in harvard square you can't miss the cuban at Chez Henri. More decadent than a quick sandwich, it's like the sandwich Rauol Castro would eat right after taking over the revolution.

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          Amen! Had it last night and WOW. It's also ENORMOUS so you can easily share it between two people.

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            agreed! I don't even like pickles, and I love that sandwich.

          2. Yes, the cubano at Chez Henri is well worth the steep price. Best sandwich I've had in the Boston area!

            1. Since no one has said it yet, might as well be me: hot lobster roll from Neptune.

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                  At neptune its very simple and delightful - chunks of hot lobster meat and butter on a toasted brioche bun. Yummmm.

              1. Cubano from Chez Henri. Hot lobster roll from Neptune Oyster. Beef on Weck from All Star (it's the one sammy I've had there that is absolutely worth the price). Any sub from Fresh Cheese Shop in the North End.

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                  You know, it's the Vitello Tonnato sandwich at Neptune I love (roast veal and rare tuna, not the standard version of the dish even aside from its assumption of sandwich form--but really luxurious).

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                    funny, i had that sandwich last week and I found it entirely underwhelming with regards to taste. The beauty of traditional tonnato is that it has some fat in it w/the tuna sauce. The one at Neptune is sauce free (I think it is tuna tartare with sliced veal) and was bland beyond belief. It has quite the visual presentation, but it had ZERO flavor and was entirely overwhelmed by the brioche.

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                      Hmm. Not the ones I've had. They've been very flavorful--the veal and the tuna themselves. But mine had some mayo, I'd swear.

                2. Porchetta panino, hamburger, and lamb panino at Caffe Umbra, all $15-16, superb. Great frites, too (ask for them instead of the eggplant fries.)

                  1. glad to hear a vote for the cardullo's sandwiches. that place is wildly expensive, but i suspected they would have good sandwiches. anyway, all my experience centers on harvard square:

                    -oxford spa
                    -chez henri cubano (which, while not small, would in no way be adequate for 2 people to share, unless it's like for a snack or something. or if they happen to be small children, anthropomorphized birds, etc.. anyway, i'm not sharing my cubano.)

                    1. Sam LaGrassa's makes great sandwiches, but the bill with a drink will put you over 10 bucks, easy. I'd definitely eat there more often, if it weren't cost prohibitive for me.

                      1. Hi-Rise & Flour get my vote for best sandwiches in town.

                        1. Dominic's in Waltham. Absolutely terrific sandwiches in the Italian style. The best eggplant parm in the city plus all the hot and cold meats we know and love. Best bread too.

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                            Domenic's is great, but not particularly expensive. And by the way, try the melanzane, which I think is even better than the eggplant parm.

                          2. Michael's Deli in Brookline, the best Reuben I've had. The "Italiano" at Bottega Fiorentina for a great version of the Italian Sub. I also love all of the combos at Nashoba Brook Bakery in the South End.

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                              Michael's for just plain (terrific!) corned beef as well.

                            2. I'm sorry to report that Caffe Umbra has dropped its two panini (porchetta and lamb), which baffles me, as I know they were very popular. The burger is still on the menu.

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                                Oh, that's sad -- I was halfway out of my chair at your earlier mention of the porchetta. Hopefully they'll bring them back. In the meantime, it's not particularly expensive a la the original query (6-7 bucks at lunch?), but Artu does have that fantastic roasted lamb panino. They also have porchetta, but based on a bite of a friend's, I thought it was a bit on the dry side, though I know it has its fans.

                                I think the Plough and Stars was mentioned in a different thread -- their sandwiches (and other lunch entrees) are excellent. The Cubano isn't quite up to Chez Henri's level, but it's pretty great.

                                And I'd also vote for Domenic's -- the Melanzane panini would make my list of greatest sandwiches ever, and the tonno is also great (though sometimes super-oily). My one caution there is that the chicken parm tends to be tough.

                                But I think the overpriced but excellent sandwich crown belongs to Hi-Rise. I actually think the sandwiches there are great (more so than most of the sweets), but you do have to open your wallet more than feels right.

                              2. Lunch at The Bristol Lounge is always a pricy treat. The burger, of course, is one of Boston's best, but any sandwich they offer is likely to be great. On a recent visit, I noted that they had taken the seafood salad sandwich off of the menu, but they were more than happy to make one for me nonetheless. During softshell crab season, they offered a softshell crab sandwich that easily was the best I've ever had.

                                1. Dominics in Waltham is starting to get up there in price, but has pretty solid panini and saltimbocca.

                                  1. the steak and blue at parish...the troquet at parish... def. cubano at chez...

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                                      The steak and blue is AWESOME. Wasn't that Lydia Shire's contribution?

                                      1. re: Alcachofa

                                        yup... it was when biba was still open that i had it last, so it might not be around anymore (i believe it was called the "biba steak and blue". so so good, though... perfect accompaniment to one of andy's margaritas. yum. i miss boston...

                                    2. i'll add my vote: definitely chez...
                                      oxford spa
                                      nashoba bakery (south end columbus ave- in my mind one of the most underrated cafe/bakeries in the area)
                                      flour (south end)
                                      some (only some) of the sandwiches at hirise- i still love grace's newest nanny after all of these years.

                                      i'll also add my no's:
                                      -darwin's (in my mind quite possibly the most overhyped sandwich imaginable)

                                      1. Canto 6 in JP is my new favorite. I agree with little lady about Darwin's.

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                                        1. re: foodieB

                                          FoodieB, what do you like at Canto 6?

                                          1. re: powella

                                            I am not sure what the name of the sandwich is but it has yummy artichoke spread, with arugala and it's on a black pepper brioche. The sandwich itself is not very large, but the flavor is lovely. I love the sandwich so much that I haven't tried the other sandwiches on their menu that also sound great.

                                            They also have fabulous baked goods. I am a sucker for a good brioche.

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                                              Thanks! I'd walk a mile for good arugula, so I'll be trying Canto 6 soon.

                                              1. re: powella

                                                Oops forgot to mention that it was a turkey sandwich.

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                                            I know Darwin's gets a lot of hate on this board, but what gives? I spent my summer working near Darwin's and it was happily a regular lunch destination. Granted, you need to avoid peak lunch hours (I won't argue that the service isn't bad) but their ham, cheddar, apple, lettuce, tomato, and mustard on a baguette is terrific and actually quite reasonable when you consider how large it is.

                                            Thought somebody should stand up for the place.

                                            1. re: sharpless

                                              I used to love Darwin's about 10 years ago, I hadn't been for a long time and went a few months ago. It is not what it used to be. I was given the wrong sandwich at first and then blamed for ordering incorrectly (although I know I didn't order anything with ham in it because I just don't do ham) and I guess because I complained I was given a crappy sandwich.

                                              Bad service bad sandwich probably means that I won't be going back for a while.

                                          3. The best sandwich I had is well worth the hour drive.

                                            It's the Lobster BLT Club at Stonewall Kitchen in Kittery, Me.

                                            It's $16.00, huge and delicious. Don't know if it's on the menu all year though, this was during the summer months.

                                            1. I work in the North End on Causeway St and about once a week I must have an eggplant parm sub from Dino's. They are somewhat inconsistent, but usually great. They bake their own sub rolls. They are very long, but never too hefty or thick. I'm not sure how they do the eggplant, but I like it. Problem is the sandwich is 8 bucks!!! They have cheesesteaks, meatball subs, and chicken parm that are cheaper, $7, I think. I think they know the eggplant is special and has a following so they gouge us. With the sub and drink, its more than $10, which is ridiculous but I do it anyway.

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                                              1. re: jpsox

                                                How big an appetite do you have to have to consume that $8 eggplant parm sub in one sitting?

                                                1. re: MC Slim JB

                                                  I don't have any trouble polishing one off, nor do other 'normal' male eaters I've taken there. Like I said, their homemade subrolls are long, probably at least 18", but the diameter is not large. They also have a light hand with the eggplant (lightly breaded and sauteed, I think), sauce, and cheese. My point was it's an incongrouisly expensive sandwich, not a particiulary large or hefty one. Think I might have to go and confirm my observations tomorrow ;-)

                                                  1. re: jpsox

                                                    I'm sorry to say we weren't loving Dino's. Certainly big enough sandwiches, like two 9" subs in one for $7 or $8, and good bread, but we were underwhelmed by the sauce, the cheese (which I pegged as low-grade mozz, my sister as tasting "like American"), and especially the eggplant, which while lightly breaded/fried/baked, had very little eggplant flavor. We certainly were full when we left, though.

                                              2. Their sandwich with the fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil with the balsamic is amazing. Really good also. I love Dino's.

                                                1. Anything at Stone Soup. Ipswich. The Cuban! WOW! Turkey Explosion - BANG! The 'wrap' specials are also usually good. Sandwich and an orangina will set you back $10 roughly.