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Nov 8, 2006 05:04 PM

Good place for raw oysters

Hello All. I am in town next week and would love some input on a few places to grab a beer and some good raw oysters. Thanks!

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  1. My two favorite spots for raw oysters: Casamento's on Magazine and the oyster bar in the paddock at the Fairgrounds (doesn't open until Thanksgiving Day, unfortunately for you).

    1. Casamento's is the best but If you want to stay is the quarter there are two good oyster bars...

      Acme on Iberville----- if there is a line just pass right by it and go straight to the oyster bar...its touristy but good, try the chargrilled oysters.

      Bourbon House- on Iberville and Bourbon--- more expensive, but good oysters...I wouldn;t reccomend the food there other than the oysters

      le Riche in the harrah;s hotel has a raw bar, but i haven;t been yet.

      If you are staying in metairie try bozo's or drago's (and get the charbroiled oysters)

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        Boy, I love that you suggested Metairie places. It sure isn't as pretty as New Orleans, but Metairie has some of the MOST authentic places in the city, even if (like Parran's) they're in strip malls. Used to love going to Bozo's, Parran's, Radosta's, or the Galley, getting a big ol' poboy, and letting the yat accents wash over me.

      2. definitely go to Drago's in Metairie. You can't get more authentic then the food there, and get oysters raw, or any other way you can imagine.

        1. The Pearl on the Uptown side of Canal Street has reopened since Katrina (and the last time I've been down to visit family.) We always hung out there when I worked in the CBD. Non-touristy. Good raw bar. Very local feel.
          Maybe some NOLA natives can weigh in on how it's doing.
          I always avoided Acme like the plague because of the crowds of tourists drowning their oysters in doctored-up ketchup.

          1. I agree with the doctored up ketchup...the best way to eat an oyster raw is a squirt of lemon and horseradish....if you have not eaten that way before, try it one time and you will be sold.

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              I've gotten down to lemon and black pepper. If we have time or for guests, the best ever is a sauce mignonnette - made with crushed (not ground) peppercorns, lemon juice or a very mild vinegar (such as champagne), a little chopped shallot and sea salt.
              I can slurp good oysters right out of the shell with nothing! They redeem winter which I otherwise hate.