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Nov 8, 2006 04:37 PM

Dried Pasta-Like Wheels -- What are they and how do I cook them?

In a Mexican Market we purchased some orange, a little translucent, glossy "wheels" that are about the size of a quarter. They were in a bulk bin, and we were told that they needed to be cooked to be edible. What are they, and how do I prepare them?

Similarly, in an Indian Market we purchased some wheels that are a little smaller - dime-sized - and they are called Potato Rackets. Are these the same as the ones from the Mexican Market? How do I prepare these? Are they similar to pasta? What do I use them for?

Thanks for any help! It is always fun to try new items, but this time I am stuck! I don't even know how to look them up. How do I google them?

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  1. do they look like this?
    if so, you can fry them up and eat with lemon juice and hot sauce. they are kind of like those asian shrimp chips that puff up when you fry them.

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      themirthmobile - YES, exactly, and thank you!

      Your link is very helpful!

    2. Here's a post where we talk about Duritos at lenght... I LOVE them!! :)


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        Thanks, Dommy, for this link; I do remember this post. I knew YOU would come through with the much needed informaion!

        My only remaining question is what kind of oil do you suggest I use? I really don't do fried food "stuffs," but this is in the interest of science and controlled experimentation, etc. etc. Can I use canola oil?

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          Canola is our frying oil of choice! :)


      2. There are two types of Duritos, some made with flour and some made with pigskin.

        My Mexican son-in-law likes to cook the flour-type in the microwave for a few seconds until they puff up. You can only do a few at a time because they do not cook evenly and they cook quickly, very quickly.

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          The microwave is very tempting because then I don't have to deal with all the deep fry oil. I will try it, and thanks for the warning; I will watch closely!