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Nov 8, 2006 04:37 PM

Dried Pasta-Like Wheels -- What are they and how do I cook them?

In a Mexican Market we purchased some orange, a little translucent, glossy "wheels" that are about the size of a quarter. They were in a bulk bin, and we were told that they needed to be cooked to be edible. What are they, and how do I prepare them?

Similarly, in an Indian Market we purchased some wheels that are a little smaller - dime-sized - and they are called Potato Rackets. Are these the same as the ones from the Mexican Market? How do I prepare these? Are they similar to pasta? What do I use them for?

Thanks for any help! It is always fun to try new items, but this time I am stuck! I don't even know how to look them up. How do I google them?

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  1. do they look like this? http://www.fiestaspices.com/?page=duros#
    if so, you can fry them up and eat with lemon juice and hot sauce. they are kind of like those asian shrimp chips that puff up when you fry them.

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      themirthmobile - YES, exactly, and thank you!

      Your link is very helpful!

    2. Here's a post where we talk about Duritos at lenght... I LOVE them!! :)



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        Thanks, Dommy, for this link; I do remember this post. I knew YOU would come through with the much needed informaion!

        My only remaining question is what kind of oil do you suggest I use? I really don't do fried food "stuffs," but this is in the interest of science and controlled experimentation, etc. etc. Can I use canola oil?

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          Canola is our frying oil of choice! :)


      2. There are two types of Duritos, some made with flour and some made with pigskin.

        My Mexican son-in-law likes to cook the flour-type in the microwave for a few seconds until they puff up. You can only do a few at a time because they do not cook evenly and they cook quickly, very quickly.

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          The microwave is very tempting because then I don't have to deal with all the deep fry oil. I will try it, and thanks for the warning; I will watch closely!