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Nov 8, 2006 04:36 PM

Hayes Valley/Civic Center options for Monday dinner?

Zuni, Paul K, Absinthe are closed Mondays and I'd like an alternative to Hayes St. Grill. I'd be grateful for suggestions--anyone tried Caffe Delle Stelle?

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  1. Caffe Delle Stelle and its spinnof Stelline are not in the same class with those other places.

    Bistro Clovis and Suppenkuche are open Mondays.

    1. It's kind of pricey, but Jardiniere's is open on Mondays I believe. That's between Hayes and Civic Center.

      1. What about Zoya on Grove? Definitely in step with Paul K and Zuni, and a cut about Della Stella and Stelline.

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          1. I am also trying to have dinner on a Monday before seeing Tony Bourdain. Seems that lots of places are closed that night. What about that newish Sushi place on Hayes?

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            1. re: Sharon S.

              sushi place on hayes? haven't heard about this- do tell!

              1. re: injust

                The sushi place is Sebo (517 Hayes, near Octavia) and it's mentioned below, further down in the thread.