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Hapisgah--What's Good?

Going Sunday with family. Someone recently posted they have great yemenite soup--good news. Can anyone provide insight on what their bread and butter dishes are? I eat shwarma often, and figure this isn't the place for a steak...SO, outside of steak and shwarma, what do you guys recommend?

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  1. Are you referring to the in Queens? I haven't been there in a while but they did make a great steak with mushrooms and onions on top. It comes out in the pan simmering. I also like their baby chicken kababs.

    1. Hapisgah IS THE place for steaks. one of the few places that does steaks right

      1. STEAK, STEAK and more STEAK. The Pita is great (they serve it warm) but it will fill you up and take away room that should be saved for the STEAK. The Yemenite Soup is awesome, make sure to share it with your date so that you have enough room for the STEAK. The hummous and falafel platters are quite tasty - order some to take home so that you won't be distracted from the STEAK.

        Disclaimer - PapaT is NOT a vegetarian.

        1. Wow, the people have spoken. This is good news bc I don't eat kosher, unless I get together with family and certain friends, and I am quite sick of the same 2-3 Manhattan steak joints we always go to. For a guy who loves salty, rare steak, any recommended cuts?

          1. PAPAT - u single? sound like my kinda guy! EAT STEAK!

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              Married w/4. My oldest two (8 & 6) both love STEAK too.

              As to cuts at Hapisgah, go for the house steak its about 1 and 1/2 inches thick. They have others including the sizzling one that someone mentioned above, but I am partial to the straight off the grill slightly charred on the outside and med. rare on the inside house steak (I'm pretty sure that's the title on the menu).

            2. Thanks everyone--I'll report my experience. I'm more pumped about yemenite soup than anything else. If it's that good, I might just get three bowls and call that dinner!!

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                Heretic! Given all our statements and still no STEAK? Well, my wife sometimes can't finish hers and we bring it home and eat it the next day. It is still good, but not the same. BTW - There are big chunks of meat in the Yemenite Soup, almost as good as STEAK.

                FYI - Unless you are going really early or really late its a good idea to make reservations or you'll wind up waiting a long time for your table,

              2. Thanks--I believe reservation was made--I will definitely double-check.
                Still not sure what I will order...might want to get baby chicken kabob and convince my wife she wants steak, and then knock off half her steak...if only I can get her to order it rare...

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                    I was embarassed to write bc i didn't get the steak. However, I did get the yemenite soup--which was fantastic. We ordered a bunch of shared appetizers, mainly dips and kibbeh, cigars, falael balls--all were top notch and superior to the more fast food oriented shwarma joints i've encountered. Tasted very home-made. I had baby chicken with mushrooma and onions and it was very good although I was quite full by the time it arrived and I had to force-feed myself. My wife basically left 90% of her steak over (I think house steak), and I took it home--ate it the next day warmed in oven for a few minutes and I admit to PapaT that I am an idiot for not getting the steak.
                    Next time.
                    Just want to add that our waiter was extremey friendly, courteous and attentive and as a former waiter, i can appreciate working in a packed house full of hungry jews (I've worked one too many brooklyn shteebel kiddushes in my lifetime). We left him a big well-earned tip.

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                      Maybe we should try to get a chowhound table and group rate there.. Then maybe everyone can enjoy the STEAK

                1. I used to go there when they first opened in the 90's, when it was just a small hole in the wall. (I think a nail salon and travel agent had the stores next door), and we used to order lots of food, cause it was cheap and good. Just wish we had a place this good in Staten Island.

                  1. I would have to go with the steak