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Nov 8, 2006 04:14 PM

There is such a thing as great fruitcake

After reading recent posts I wanted to say that all (or most) of you folks who hate fruitcake have probably never had a good one. For years I made homemade fruitcakes as gifts for my neighbors and co-workers. I used organic fruits from WHole foods- dried pineapple, papaya, mango etc., organic nuts, country hen free range eggs, Kate's homemade butter etc. I soaked the fruits for weeeks in combination of black coffee, grape jelly and good bourbon. Alwys inculded a printout of the ingredients in a fancy font. Everyone loved them. Also made a chocolate almond fruitcake. Try making a homemade fruitcake with organicn ingredients.

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  1. My girlfriend's mom makes a wonderful chocolate fruitcake. I begin my training to eat it around November 15th.

    1. Another vote for delicious fruitcake. It's my grandmother's recipe that I make yearly.

      1. A link to an old post of mine from the Home Cooking board, where recipes are discussed....

        1. You're my kinda cook! But I make mine with espresso, apricot jam and brandy. It's too bad we can't get together for a Fruitcake Chowdown, but it'd be too fattening. (Plus, all my fruitcakes disappear in a hurry as it is...)

          1. Look up a recipe for a "Black Cake." I believe it's an English version of fruitcake. Made one many years ago. Had to soak the fruit for at least a month. It was very large but very good.

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              I 2nd, 3rd, and 4th the "Black Cake" recommendation!

              Laurie Colwin has a good recipe in one of her books, but it might also be online somewhere. I've got one of them from last year still aging in my cupboard, getting its periodic glug of spirits to keep the moisture in and the booziness factor high! :-)

              Those that have received my black cake as gifts have loved them and even decided to give the whole "fruitcake" class another chance.... Yay for black cake...

              I even went through my making process in my blog a while back - enjoy:

              in Albuquerque