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Nov 8, 2006 04:13 PM

Fudge Brownies in Manhattan?

I've been trying to find the best fudge brownies in Manhattan. Citarella has very good brownies. Can anyone suggest some other places?


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  1. There's a place called Treat Shoppe out of Brooklyn that has really great, rich, decadent Mississippi Mud Brownies. They sell them wholesale around Manhattan. You could ask them what retail outlets use them

    1. Fat Witch in the Chelsea Market has incredible brownies (plus the market is generally a great place for a food-lover to wander around). I think you can get them elsewhere but it is worth it to make the trip to the store.

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        I adore Fat Witch brownies. I used to live near there, which was very dangerous, as I couldn't possibly pass up one of the free samples! Eli's also makes pretty good brownies.

      2. Jacques Torres sells a mudpie cookie-thing that is very good, but it is cookie shaped although cakey.

        1. The best brownies i have had in NYC are at William Greenbergs Bakery around 83rd and Madison. I have had fat witch, but I think these are much much better!

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            Ditto on Greenberg's brownies. Good black-and-white cookies, too.

          2. The original comment has been removed