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Nov 8, 2006 04:07 PM

Dinner on Sunday near the JW Marriott on Pennsylvania Ave.

I'll be in town on Sunday and would like to find a good restuarant near the JW Marriott on Pennsylvania Avenue. I'll be meeting a friend's daughter and her husband, so someplace with good food and nice atmosphere that won't break the bank. Any suggestions beyond Oceanaire, Kinkead's or Poste? Or is one of these my best choice? How far away is the Lounge at Citronelle?

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  1. Old Ebbitt Grill is close by there.

    1. Old Ebbitt is a touch pricey- Zaytinya isn't too far away (at 9th and G- about 5-7 blocks) and is wonderful.

      1. What about Cafe 15 in the Sofitel? It's on 15th (JW on 14th) and G? Ceiba is also a great restaurant -- I believe on 14th between F and G. Red Sage in that area. Loads.

        1. Citronelle is about 14 blocks away, so you'd need a cab. If you want something divine, you'd probably need a cab anyway. Jaleo for Spanish tapas works very well - at 7th and E.

          Old Ebbitt is a tourist magnet sort of nightmare, a noisy place with average food. To be avoided. Zaytinya, as mentioned above, serves pan-Hellenic tapas from the same chef as Jaleo - it is swankier and noisier and is a very good choice for the food.

          After you've decided where to go, I always think it's a good idea to get specific menu recs by doing a search on this board.

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              Thanks to all ... these are great rec's. I'v been to Ebbitts, and I agree it can be touristy. Zaytinya sounds intriguing, as does Jaleo. I am a tapas fan. I've heard Red Sage is on the decline. Someone I know also mentioned Kinkead's. Any thoughts?

              1. re: froghollowguy

                Zaytinya is great! We were in DC for a conference in mid-October and my husband took me there for my birthday (my choice) and it was everything I hoped. Interesting, flavorful food, nice setting, nice presentation. Kind of small portions but that just allows you to try more things w/o feeling guilty!! The bread is addictive!

                1. re: froghollowguy

                  If you have never been to Kinkead's, it will be very nice. It's a little on the expensive side, though. (And it does get a wee bit tiresome after a few visits.) The service, however, ranges from snooty to indifferent to fairly good.

                  Personally, I think Zaytinya is more fun, and I have heard really terrific things about Cafe 15 at the Sofitel. I also like Jaleo just because I like tapas, and I've found that the menu has gotten more imaginative and creative over the years. Keep in mind that I don't think that Zaytinya or Jaleo take reservations, so there may be a touch of a wait at both those places.

                  Have fun and welcome to DC!