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Nov 8, 2006 03:17 PM

Stephane Derbourd in Dijon

Has anyone been here? I'll be in Dijon for a few days next week and am interested in dinner there. I'd appreciate any comments on the this restaurant.


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  1. One of the great dining experiences of my life! Wrote a LONG review, the link is here (what happened to the easy way to attach links?). If the link doesn't work search * and me as author and you'll find it. I hope you enjoy it too. Make sure you hit the great bistros around Les Halles also.

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    1. re: Bill Strzempek

      Thank you. A great review and it has completely sold me.

    2. I hope you'll let us know how it was, and where else you ate in Dijon, there's not a lot of reviews on Dijon and it is a very good town to eat in...