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Nov 8, 2006 02:59 PM

1st Ave and 64th area suggestions?

Staying tomorrow through Sunday in the area.

Appreciate suggestions for bagels, butcher, grocer and low to mid priced restaurants.

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  1. Here are a few to get you started:
    Italian - La Cantina Toscana
    French - Cafe Joul - 1st btwn. 58th/59th
    Thai - Luscious Thai - a new place on 1st (and 59th or 60th). It is still BYOB so it can be very affordable.
    Pub Food - Baker Street - 63rd and 1st

    Grocery Store - There's a Gourmet Garage on 64th (I think between 1st and 2nd). It can be pricey but has a decent selection. The large and very nice Food Emporium on 1st is under construction until later this month.

    1. One of the city's best butchers is on First and 52nd. Simchik. Next door to Ideal Cheese. If you can walk up to 86th Street you can have some great Chinese food at Wu Liang Ye. There is a Jackson Hole very close for large burgers.

      1. Sushi Seiki i think or sieki .. $ but very very good sushi and Japanese

        Il vagabondo quiet but great italian 62 1-2

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          It is Sushi Seki and it is not a budget place. Il is that place still around? I think you might be able to do a bit better on the food.

        2. Okay, I have to say that I hated Sushi Seki! There was this big hype about it and it's not very nice, it's expensive and the sushi wasn't that great at all. Try Iwasaki just down the street from Sushi Seki (it's on 1st btw 61/60th I think). It is absolutely amazing I go there at least 3 times a week. The fish is amazingly fresh are tons of "special rolls" and it's very cheap. The only draw back is the ambience isn't that great. If you're looking for ambience, try Totoya on 1st and 63rd.

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            I think the mistake many people make is to go to these high-end sushi places and get things like the combo plate. The idea at places like Seki is that you have to sit at the bar and get omakase. Otherwise you are getting just the usual rolls and ordinary stuff. It is like going to a Shanghai restaurant and ordering General Tso's chicken. Just my opinion... If you go and have the omakase and still do not like the place it is another story.

          2. New york city bagels -64-65th and 2nd
            Grocer-64th and 3rd Food Emporium/ They have a butcher downstairs or upstairs for more cold cuts