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Nov 8, 2006 02:38 PM

thanksgiving in Ann Arbor

The parents are coming up to stay with me in Ann Arbor for Thanksgiving this year. I'd like to find a place that serves a nice Thanksgiving dinner (on Thanksgiving). It doesn't necessarily have to be traditional, but the option of turkey would be a plus. I'm new to the area so-- does such a place exist here?

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  1. Years ago, my wife and I dined at The Lord Fox (Plymouth-Ann Arbor Rd, Superior Township) for Thanksgiving dinner. I can't vouch for the food now, but it's (or, it was) a comfortable, warm place and they still might serve on Thanksgiving. Perhaps some other chowhounders have had a recent experience there and could comment on it. Anyway, you could give them a call to find out if they serve on Thanksgiving.

    1. Have you checked with the Gandy Dancer?

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      1. re: Treece

        I fully admit there's an element of personal grudge, but I will, at every opportunity, steer people away from the Gandy Dancer. It's just not worth it anymore.

        I think you'll need to call around to a few places and ask if they have anything special going on.

        Here's some I'd suggest checking out, and that I'm sure others will mention:

        Chop House (boku bucks!)
        Zingerman's Roadhouse (they might do something interesting...)
        The Earle
        Carson's (fairly average, but we're aiming for a certain niche, here)
        Weber's Inn (if there were a time to suggest it, maybe it's for a holiday dinner??)


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          I'm kind of liking the idea of Weber's. That's the old Ann Arbor, and good ol' meat-and-fixin's meals are what they do best.

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            I was at Weber's today and asked. No all-you-can-eat-strap-on-the-feedbag thanksgiving feast. They are doing order off the menu for thanksgiving, unless you have four or more people, then they will do a roast turkey dinner where you get your own turkey and fixings. Sounded good. Nothing from them about price or what comes with it yet. They told me to call back next week.

      2. I'm curious. My question is to "gromit" who commented on the "Gandy Dancer" as being "just not worth it anymore". What's just not worth it anymore? Element of personal grudge? What happened? My husband and I dine at the Gandy Dancer each year in July and have enjoyed the "early dinner" special with the works, appetizer to dessert - great food at a good price. True, the service has not been as friendly or personal as it was 5 years or so ago - but that's the only difference I can think of. I'd be interested to know more.........
        As for Zingerman's Roadhouse, we tried it once - thought it was high-priced for the quality of food (not memorable) and would not go back. The original Zingerman's is much better - but I actually like Amer's Deli best. Can't help with the Thanksgiving thing, though, sorry!

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          Not sure if I can remember it all anymore... I first went there with my family while an undergrad, 7 years ago or so. I liked it fine then, but a number of experiences since - both food and service-related - have made me swear the place off.

          What I remember best:
          My mother and I attempted to arrange for a Groom's dinner there a few years ago. I don't think the staff could have been any less helpful or accommodating if they tried. Apparently they don't allow for a group of 20 or so to dine together during their prime seating hours (ca. 6 PM to 9 PM, as I recall), and won't even attempt to provide a semi-private location. We didn't particularly like that, but hey... if you run the restaurant you call the shots. What really turned us off, though, were the calls (multiple!) that weren't returned, the "information package" that was allegedly sent (but never received) 3 times, and the frank rudeness of the restaurant staff in dealing with this. And all that AFTER we had already reserved space in the restaurant for this event.

          Some time after that, my mother-in-law requested to go there for her birthday. Made a reservation, and it was lost. We ended up waiting about 30 minutes for that to be worked out. Service ended up being very slow, my fish ended up being cold and undercooked. I like sushi, but not when it's supposed to be grilled mahimahi. I bit my tongue, not wanting to spoil the occasion, but the rest of the group ended up talking down about the food as we drove home.

          My mother-in-law has been back somewhat regularly because she has friends who like to go there from time-to-time, and I've been hoping to hear that we just had some bad nights there. So far, she's keeps saying what my wife and I have been saying... just not worth it. Lately it's been like she's disappointed each time she "has" to go there.


          1. re: gromit

            Thanks for the input - I have noticed that the service is not what it used to be - actually pretty slow the last time we were there - but the food was still as good as ever, we thought. Wow! For something as important as a Groom's dinner - you would think that would have gotten their attention - what a bad experience - not very professional of them, was it?

        2. I've quit going to the Gandy Dancer, too, although I don't really have a tale to tell. It's just the food wasn't that great. There are better places to go for seafood around town, and if I need to eat near that location, I am going to go to Casey's Tavern instead.