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Nov 8, 2006 02:22 PM

Sunday Brunch to Impress

Boston hound visiting DC the weekend of 12/15 and need a brunch spot on Sunday to impress. Price is no object.

Also a Saturday dim sum suggestion would be helpful as well. Thanks!

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  1. Easy- 4 seasons. If not there then Georgia Brown's. 4 seasons, imho, is the best brunch in the entire area.

    1. Agree. No one compares to the 4 Ss in style and class.

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      1. re: Pappy

        How much is the Sunday buffet at the 4 Seasons these days? (I haven't been in years but agree that it is one of the very best I've ever had...)

        1. re: GregJ

          Last time I was there I remember it being 75 pp

      2. How about the rooftop Kennedy Center or the Ritz Carlton. I think the former may have more of a local/special feel since you can go to any 4 seasons or Ritz Carlton around the US.

        For saturday dim sum, go to China Garden and get there by 11:15.

        1. I still don't think there's a better brunch in town than the Tabard Inn, from both a food and atmosphere standpoint.

          I agree with China Garden for dim sum but as many said on another post, make sure you get there early.

          1. I wouldn't recommend the Kennedy Center brunch, but maybe it's been revamped. I've been twice, last time was about 18 months ago. Looks better than it tastes.