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...shrimp cocktail, i need an amazing recipe!

I'm throwing a baby shower and the soon to be momma loves shrimp. What's your best shrimp cocktail recipe? I'll probably cook the shrimp one or two days before. Any suggestions on boiling vs broiling and storing cooked shrimp; will cooked shrimp dry out?

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  1. Boil the shrimp--they'll keep for a day or two sealed in a ziploc bag. Broiling is fine if you plan to consume immediately, but the broiled shrimp tend to get tough/rubbery after cooling.

    1. I recently made the Rick Bayless shrimp cocktail and we really liked it. His recipe:
      If you make it, you could review the recipe &/or comment in the current book of the month posts (Mexico:One Plate at a Time, under the heading Starters etc)

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        Skip the cucumber/jicama & add chopped green chiles & you have something great.

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          That is really good and so is chipotle shrimp from the same book. I frequently use it as a shrimp "cocktail" on a large platter with freshly fried corn tortilla chips green onions, jicama etc.

        2. this is very close to the ci recipe for shrimp cocktail which produces fantastic results. recipe is for 1 lb of shrimp (i think), but can be increased easily. if you want specifics, i can look up the recipe tonight.

          peel shrimp. boil shrimp shells in 3c salted water for 10-20 minutes to make a quick stock.

          strain out the shells. add enough white wine to get back to 3c liquid. add a couple sprigs fresh parsley & i sprig fresh tarragon (about 1/2t if using dry). add 8-10 coriander seeds, and 6 or so whole black peppercorns. bring to a boil, add shrimp, cover & remove from heat. depending upon size of shrimp, it takes 8-12 minutes to cook.

          always prefectly cooked & tender.

          ci's cocktail sauce is pretty standard. ketchup, horseradish, & lemon. if i recall correctly, they add chili powder and black pepper, both of which i liked and incorporated into my own cocktail sauce recipe.

          1. IMHO, this is really the only and best way to make steamed shrimp:

            put about 1/2-3/4 inches of beer in a deep, heavy pan and bring to a boil
            add shrimp and sprinkle liberally with Old Bay (I'm a Marylander so any other Old Bay knock-off is out)
            boil/steam only until tails curl and the shrimp are *just* pink
            serve with cocktail sauce

            Another delicious preparation:
            skewer shrimp in the shell; sprinkle with a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper; grill *in the shell* until tails curl and the shrimp have just turned pink; serve with homemade aioli

            Again, IMO it's better to go with a simple preparation that enhances the natural shrimp taste rather than hiding it. These are simple and no-fail. The biggest risk with shrimp is over-cooking which is absolutely dreadful, so keep an eye on them! Good luck.

            1. Have you tried the shrimp cocktail spread?

              1 lb of cooked, cleaned shrimp cut into small pieces
              2-8oz pkg cream cheese
              1/2 small onion diced fine
              Dry dill to taste
              mix all together in a bowl

              Transfer to a serving dish and drizzle homemade cocktail sauce over top, serve with crackers. My homemade sauce combines Heinz ketchup, horseradish, lemon juice and a dash of tabasco.

              1. My standard cocktail sauce is made with Heinz Chili Sauce, horseradish from a fresh new bottle (it looses zip quickly) fresh lemon juice, a bit of Tabasco and ground black pepper. No measurements, sorry, I just eyeball it and taste as I go along.

                1. Flash frozen pre-cooked shrimp from your local grocer will save you lot's of work and are tasty. Latin style shrimp cocktail like Rick Bayless's is quite delicious. I agree that you should forget the cucumber and jicama. I add fresh lime juice, Heinz ketchup, fresh horseradish, chopped avocado, salt, pepper, fine diced raw onion, vinegar based hot sauce like Louisiana Hot Sauce and cold pre-cooked chopped shrimp.

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                    Also, when I plate Mexican Shrimp Cocktails at dinner parties I skip the whole cocktail glass & just plate over fresh avocado halves or slices.

                  2. Alton Brown has a recipe that always makes folks do a double-take when I make it. The shrimp are broiled then chilled and his cocktail sauce recipe is one of the best I have tasted.

                    Here is the link: