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Nov 8, 2006 01:41 PM

Best place to rent space for a b-day party in TO?

Want to throw myself a big 3-0 b-day party!! Am hoping to find a resto or pub to rent, where I can have some live music, fit around 100 people at the most, is TTC accessible and offers somewhat decent pubby or snacky type food in a casual atmosphere.

I know that this could cost some $$$$, so am hoping for something (have been to some private parties at The Pilot)

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  1. We had my husband's 40th at C'est What. We paid $35 an hour for the sound technician (our friends played instruments and sang) and we paid for the food and had a cash bar. We got the space for free because we picked an off night (Monday).

    Call Brenda at C'est What and she'll set you up.

    Good luck!

    1. Try the Victory Cafe on Markham St., a block south of Bloor. Their upstairs space is often available. Their menu is very good in a pubby kinda way, and there's space for live music.

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        Victory Cafe is a great space. As long you and your guest spend over $200 (this figure may have gone up) or so in food and drink they'll let you have the space for free.

      2. I was just at beer bistro for my bday. . . . apparently they have a private room for

        It was good times. . . . highly recommended

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        1. re: pancake

          Does the private room at beerbistro have space for a band?

        2. not sure if beerbistro's room has enough space for a band.....we sat out in the main room, where a jazz band was playing in the corner. . . . check out their website - and give them a call. . . .

          1. I had my birthday party at the Stone's Place last year and had it catered, which they let me bring in myself. The space was free and they definitely have room for a band.