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Nov 8, 2006 01:16 PM

Best Korean Bakery in NOVA and what to get?

Tried out Napolean Bakery after last week's write up in the post. My friend is a big fan of Korean but she was not all that impressed.

What are you faves and what do you usually get when you go?


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  1. There's been a lot of hype over Shilla Bakery, but I found all there stuff to be way too sweet. It's near the Kmart in Annandale.

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      I have to admit - I do go to Shilla a lot just because it's the biggest, but Le Matin de Paris (also off Little River Tnpk, near Fuddruckers) is good too.

      Here are my recommendations on what to get at Korean bakeries:
      - sweet potato (go goo mah) cake
      - bing soo (shaved ice, fruit, ice cream, etc.) - green tea's my favorite
      - bubble teas aren't too bad either

      Hope this helps.

      1. re: foodlover123

        Hello food lover! I am wondering if you could point e in the direction of a good bubble tea place in the alexandrai/annandale area? I have been to shilla but didn't know they made bubble tea..have you tried it there?is it any good.


    2. I like the chair and couches in Le Matin de Paris. I also love the rolled cakes but my fav is the twisty crullers that have the sugar sprinkled on them. Great fried dough but not too sweet.

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        1. Thanks! I'll be heading out that way next weekend.

          1. Of the two big ones, I like the paris bakery because they have more comfortable seating. I think the baked goods are very similar. I do like the fact that most of the stuff is far less sweeter than the american counter part. I love the crullers and the rolled cake. I also love the cakes.

            One note, there is a relatively new traditional dessert place on Markham road, right next to the Seoul Soondae house in Annandale. They make amazing looking rice cakes. They are really pieces of art. Cannot remember the name but if you in the area, it is worth a visit.