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Nov 8, 2006 01:11 PM

Please Help! Very Special Dinner this Friday at Cru- drinks before and food recs?

This Friday my boyfriend & I are taking out a very important couple in our lives who recently got married. This Friday dinner & drinks at Cru, is our wedding present to them. First of all we would love to have some drinks prior to our meal somewhere nice nearby but there really aren't many options. The only place I could think of was the bar at Otto but that's always packed! I was also wondering if anyone had ideas of whether to get the tasting menu or a la carte. I would assume tasting menu with wine pairings but the a la carte looks awesome! Any and all help to make this a wonderful and memorable night for this fabulous couple is welcomed! Thanks!

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  1. I was there Monday night. There isn't an a la carte option, so I don't know what you are referring to. You either get the Autumn tasting menu; Autumn tasting menu with wine pairings; or a 3 course prix fixe which you select from an ample menu totally apart from the tasting menu. (There may be a 5 or 7 course option too) They were also offering a white truffle tasting menu and the option to shave truffles on other items for $55. There was a special of caviar service.

    We did the 3 course, which started with an amuse of arancini and a chestnut mousse; then another amuse of a goat cheese napoleon-ish morsel and a shot of pumpkin soup. I had the sesame seared cobia (not so great; fish sorta dry); he had the diver scallops (v. good). For entrees I had the duck which I loved and he had the short ribs (meat was almost gamey. real 'beefy' and natural tasting. Nice.) For dessert i had the cheese course which was just OK, though the acoutrements and bread were nice. He had the apple beignet. chocolates and cookies with your bill...

    I didn't see the wine he selected and he put it on a separate check. I paid for dinner which, with 2 drinks and tip, came to $221.

    1. For a special occasion, I would definately reccomend the tasting menu w/ the wine pairing. Cru's was one of the most memorable that I have had in nyc.

      1. Thank You for your replies! Glad to hear about those short ribs if we do the prix-fix. They sounded fantastic! Any thoughts for a place to go before/after for drinks?

        1. As Chow_Gal said, there is no 'ala carte' option per say, rather its a 3 course meal with lots of choices.

          That said, they are extremely flexible on structuring a meal. When my husband and I went to celebrate our birthdays last month, the [superb] waiter told us we could feel free to add additional courses from the choices or even ask for things that arent on the menu and they'd try to oblige. We ended up adding a pasta course each to the 3 courses, which they charmingly plated as two small bowls (one of each type) for each of us, on a plate.

          I really enjoyed the cheese course the night we were there but I'm sure it just depends what they have that night.

          I really enjoyed the lobster entree. The heirloom tomatoes with buratta was a big hit too.

          For drinks, how about Temple Bar, if its nice enough for the short walk over to Lafeyette/Bleeker? Very classy bar. You could also go to Babbo for drinks.

          1. You could go right around the corner to Gotham for drinks. Bar at Babbo is usally packed, walk-ins hoping for tables, diners at the bar.

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              Thanks so much- never thought of Gotham or the Temple Bar. Do you think Gotham will be packed at the bar as well though on a Friday night before 8:00?