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Nov 8, 2006 01:03 PM

Options for Authentic Chinese Food South of Boston?

There are several good places for authentic Chinese food north and west of Boston, including Wang's and Zoe's in Somerville, Qingdao Garden in Cambridge, and Shangri-La in Belmont, but I can't think of too many south of Boston, other than the new Chau Chow in Dorchester and perhaps Cheng Du in Stoughton.

Are there any others south of Boston (within, say, 10 miles of the city)? Any regional cuisine would be ok with me. Thanks!

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  1. Have you tried Eastern Chinatown in the Norfolk Downs section of Quincy? Haven't been yet, but I've heard good things.

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    1. re: Pegmeister

      I haven't been there, either. I've driven by it a few times and wondered how it was.

      Has anyone been there?

      I just read about a place near this restaurant called Quincy Dynasty. Has anyone tried that? There seem to be some really good reviews on the place.

      1. re: hiddenboston

        I've been once. It's very good. We had:

        * Shrimp from the tank, steamed to order
        * Scallion pancakes that are good but not Zoe's-caliber
        * Sweet and sour pork (they make it real HK-style there, not US-style)
        * Some kind of vegetable, I forget what exactly, done in the typical HK style with garlic

        It's not unusual or masterful enough to be a destination if you live NW of Boston, but it's a good choice if the drive to Quincy isn't long.

        It's "East Chinatown" btw

        1. re: Luther

          Luther, would you consider it about the best place for Chinese food on the South Shore? I may try it out this week if I have a chance.

          1. re: hiddenboston

            Sorry, I really don't know much about the South Shore. In fact, the only places I can recall having eaten in down there are East Chinatown, Pho Yuen Dong, and the Ikea food court.

    2. East Chinatown is decent. Much better than your average suburban Chinese food joint, but I wouldn't say that everything there is as good as the better places in Chinatown. Nonetheless it's a nice option, and I like having a decent option nearby for roast meats (duck, chicken, roast pork, etc.).

      For sit down meals, I like the Quincy branch of Hong Kong Cafe in Quincy Center. The same good noodles with soups and rice dishes (but note that they don't take credit cards, like the Chinatown branch).

      I haven't been to Five Spices in a while (in Quincy Center), but they used to do a few dishes very well (their duck was quite good) and offered a decent sit down dinner experience. I've heard from others that certain dishes were definitely hit or miss with them. I don't have any recent experience to be able to offer a strong recommendation.

      For South of the city, Quincy is likely your best bet because of the high concentration of Chinese living in that area.

      1. Just went for my first visit to Kam Man Market in Quincy yesterday. Wow, what a place! As a market, it definitely has more options and a fresher fish market than Super 88, IMHO. I only sampled the baked goods (a pork bun and a coconut cream bun) which I liked a lot. The pork bun was warm and delicious. I have never seen those available at Super 88s I've been to.

        Next time I'm definitely springing for the duck.

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        1. re: powella

          I've gotten takeout from Kam Man's deli a few times already. That duck is outstanding. Let the service man hack it up for you into serving pieces. The whole cuttlefish is also very good. The other dishes at the hot food bar are excellent as well.

          1. re: mwk

            Thanks for the butchering advice, mwk!!! We definitely would have been losing our enthusiasm at home, performing botched surgery.

        2. Caveat: I don't like Chinese food generally. That said, when my wife gets the jones I refuse to go anywhere but Great Chow on Beale Street in Quincy.

          1. Hi,

            It should be somewhere on the board, but I did a review of East Chinatown earlier in the year. It's very good, and the closest rendition to an authentic Chinatown restaurant that I've seen outside of the city.

            Quincy Dynasty is around the corner and it's also pretty good. For Mandarin cuisine, my favorite restaurant locally is Mandarin King, which is on Route 3a in Quincy Point, just before the Fore River Bridge. The food there is excellent. They ahve a beef cilantro soup, and a silky corn chowder which are both outstanding. They also make an excellent dry beef chow foon, and a dish called lemon grass chicken which is delicious.