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Nov 8, 2006 12:04 PM

BLT Burger review

Went to BLT Burger last night. I thought it was pretty good. But there are a number of reasons why my visit might not be wise to judge the place off of:

1) I went off-hours. I went right at five so the place wasn't packed. Service was attentive. Folks kept coming over to ask how stuff was. So, the service issues during crowded hours were not an issue for me.

2) I ordered the lamb merguez burger. I know, I know, it's not a real burger, but I wasn't in a beef mood. I thought it was tasty. The meat was rare, seasoned nice and peppery on the outside, with the spicy merguez seasoning, surprisingly enough, being conveyed in the yogurt topping. Bun was okay, nothing excellent.

3) I ordered waffle fries; so,I can't tell you what the regular fries were like. These were okay. Seasoned. I would have preferred them crispy, but I like all fries crispy. They were above average, let me say that. Well-cut, not too thick like you get at some places.

4) I like thin milkshakes. I grew up in NY in the 70s and all the coffee shops I went to had thin milkshakes. I can't stand those thick ones you can't sip with a straw; I don't understand the point of them -- why not just stick a straw in a container of Hagn-Daz? Anyway, I had a black and white milkshake at BLT. It was excellent. Probably the best one I've had apart from a Steak n' Shake in Tampa. NY unfortunately has lost their native art of the B&W, especially in coffee shops where they just slop chocolate and vanilla ice cream together. The BLT version was great, and delightfully thin.

So overall, I enjoyed BLT. I would definitely go back for the regular burger and french fries, but as you can see I did not seek out anything that legitimately should be used to gage the restaurant.

Some other bits: on the table they have that yellow paint that Americans like to call mustard, which is to be expected. I really only like mustard with grain (and Coleman's!). The space is very pleasant, and I think a resource in the neighborhood for friends of casual business; for me at least.

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  1. How much did your meal cost?

    1. $20.59. So certainly not cheapy-cheap. I didn't mind it, but there's cheaper burgers to be had, needless to say. Or, if you're feeling fancy, have the $62 Kobe burger (?!) at BLT. While curious, I can't imagine why anyone would grind up a beautiful piece of meat like that and toss out the texture.

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      1. re: Midtown Jimmi

        I am trying to think of a reason why I would spend $20 on a burger, fries, and a milkshake. The overwhelming number of posts on this place say that at best the food is OK. There are dozens of places in Manhattan that offer very good burgers - I don't understand the appeal of this place other then it's membership in the BLT empire. It's like paying $10 extra for a shirt because it's got Tommy Hilfiger's name on it. What's next? "BLT Meatloaf?"

        Thanks for taking one for the team. The information you provided is very useful.

        1. re: Bob Martinez

          Overall, the cost of the burger is similar to that of many bistro burgers or burgers at other sit down restaurants. Mine was very good (similar to Shake Shack, but with a nice crust added), and at $7.50 w/cheese, it seemed reasonable. Fries only $3 more.

          1. re: Lucia

            "Overall, the cost of the burger is similar to that of many bistro burgers or burgers at other sit down restaurants. Mine was very good (similar to Shake Shack, but with a nice crust added), and at $7.50 w/cheese, it seemed reasonable. Fries only $3 more."

            Hmm. Not exactly comparable. Your burger and fries cost $10.50 but that was for a Shake Shack style smallish burger. If you added the extra patty (@ $3.00) to bring it up to standard size your total would have been $13.50.

            Comparable sized burgers (with cheese and fries) would be Molly's ($9.00), Waterfront Ale House ($12) and Blue Smoke ($12.50). Then there's the cheeseburger and fries at the White Horse, an outrageous bargain at $6.50. So yes, BLT Burger is pushing the edge of the price envelope.

            Again, so far the reviews have been decidedly mixed from the get go. On CH new places usually enjoy a honeymoon period of largely positive reviews before they find their true level. The fact that we're hearing so many negatives from the beginning is ominous. True, new places usually need some time to settle down but after all, they're serving *burgers.* It shouldn't be that hard to get these right.

            What distinguishes them from any other decent burger place other then the fact that it's new?

            1. re: Bob Martinez

              What distinguished it for me is that I thought it was a very good burger--Shake Shack style like I like--but inside so I can have it in the cold weather. Also, the size is perfect for me. If you're looking for an 8-10 oz. burger, you might want to go elsewhere. The 2 patty burger is actually $14 w/fries, but it does come with bacon. I do think that's a bit expensive, but the examples you point out are bars w/less attentive (read: hovering) servers and dingier decor. I agree w/you that the consistency issues are a shame, but it's worth a try, or a second try for me.

      2. I also went to BLT Burger last night, but at 8:30 instead. We had a 30-45 minute wait, but ended up snagging seats at the bar after 30 minutes or so. I got the classic burger with american cheese, onion rings, slaw, and of course, some pbr's, to wash it all down. I enjoyed almost everything, but could barely taste the onion with all the batter piled on top of them.

        Overall, I would recommend this, but honestly, it just seems like a substitute for Shake Shake when it shuts down for the winter.

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        1. re: lisabnyc

          I wish it were a substitute for Shake Shack! That's giving it a lot of credit don't you think?

          1. re: jakew8

            Honestly, I've never been too "wowed" by Shake Shake, but I was referring to the style of the burger, which imo, is very similar. (not necessarily the price) And for the Shake Shake fans that miss it terribly during the winter, this could possibly fill in as a substitute.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Reading the BLT Burger review I can't honestly believe it's where we had lunch today. This place is SO overrated. My wife & I firmly believe Stand is far superior with similar prices but with distinctively better burgers/shakes/fries of higher qualtiy. (24 E 12th at University). We went to BLT Burger 3:30pm Sun and sat at the bar. Given the great weather, the restaurant was understandably slow. On the whole, the service was weak. The bartender kept coaxing us to augment the bill with toppings on our burgers, fries, more booze. The $10 'classic' burger was decent but served solo (no fries?? come on !!). It came on a Wonder Bread bun than probably came in the standard 8-pack. Included was a tiny portion of cole slaw, a paltry piece of iceberg lettuce, and 1 small slice of tomato. We shared a coffee shake. It tasted good but was as thin as water and was disappointing. Traditionally, with shakes you are supposed to be asked whether you prefer thick or thin. They also rudely start removing plates before we were BOTH done eatng....always a sign of restaurant amateurs who are given no training by the ownership. BLT Burger is a joke, almost a scam considering what the quality of what they serve. Side note, they also offer cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon or Schlitz for $5 a pop. Trendy and lame.

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            1. re: BSting

              Stand has much better fries and shakes and creative beverages. Their veggie burger is Stellar. However, BLT burger's salmon burger (cut me some slack i'm a psudo-veg) was juicy with a perfect sauce and bun, Stand's was like eating a dry salmon briquette. Both are great for different stuff. Incidently, both are great for kids in strollers.

              1. re: lkirschner

                Agreed..I just moved back from California two months ago and have always enjoyed a good burger...I think there is no comparing Stand and BLT Burger..Stand wins by a longshot IMO...The real killer for me at BLT Burger were the fries...they taste like Burger King - and I am certainly in the McD In n Out camp in terms of fry style

                1. re: liahos1

                  i like BLT over Stand. I really like BRGR over all the others. Havent been to Mollys
                  yet but the reviews make it sound like the burgers are damn good.