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Nov 8, 2006 09:49 AM

Chia seeds - where to find in Toronto?

I'm trying to buy chia seeds and have looked in a Noah's, The Big Carrot, Whole Foods already but none seemed to carry it. If anybody knows a source in Toronto, preferably organic, please let me know. Thanks in advance!

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  1. ...I always thought that chia seeds grew on pets...

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    1. re: TwinklyTerrapin

      can't you buy chia pets and eat the seeds in there?

    2. hey, you stole my reply ;)))

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      1. re: laur76

        haha, I knew somebody would say something like this. heard this comment already from family when I placed my order from an US online shop. but just FYI, chia seeds are supposed to be a very nutritious food, too. Google for more info if you are interested.

      2. You can find chia seeds at the Dufferin Grove organic market on Thursdays, I believe the brand is Nujima or something like that. They also sell whole cocao beans and other yummies...


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          Great, thanks for the info. I actually do go to the Dufferin Grove market quite often. I didn't see chia seeds listed on Nujima's web site but today is Thursday anyway so I'll just check it out in person.

          1. re: Samsara

            i sell chia seeds here in the states and have sold to a company named el peto products in canada. check with them.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Head back to the Big Carrot - I saw them today, middle aisle, about two thirds of the way up from the freezers on the right (if you are facing south...), near the canned beans and soups. They are sold out of Salba, but there were some plastic tubs of chia on the shelves. You might want to call them and have them put some aside for you - very popular these days...

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            1. re: cchrish

              what are they? I too am only familiar with chia from the infamous pets....

              1. re: pancake

                They are, well, seeds... But they are supposed to be the best thing since water for your health (gobs and gobs of calcium and omega fatty acids etc...) I am eating two tablespoons of salba (somehow related to chia but I don't remember how - so much for helping with memory...) each morning with my breakfast (I mix it in peanut butter and spread it on toast) but I'm only doing it because it's got tons of fibre and fills me up until lunch thereby helping to stave off diet-unfriendly cravings for donuts.

                1. re: cchrish

                  If you search on internet, you will find a lot of information. A lot of research done on Chia seed by U of T and St.Michael hosipital, also Arizona university. Salba is Canadian company, they select the white chia seed and commercially grow them and market it with high cost. Years ago, I bought Salba, it cost $25 to $30 for just 340gm. now I only use Chia seeds, nutrition is almost the same, not much diffrent to me from my experience. Now you can buy Chia seeds in some local health food store, it is not economical. I bought them in bulk 25 pounds at $12. per pound, it last me 6 months as I used them a lot for my entire family of 3, plus I make desert with chia. South America native people have been using Chia seed as stable food for over 5000 years.