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Tijuana dogs (bacon wrapped, street vendor hot dogs)-Where???

The first time i had one of these was at the Rose bowl. I had another one @ the convention center during the LA Auto Show, and my last encounter with the infamous TJ dog was in downtown LA, onear Cole's PE Buffet.

Does anyone know where i can find the best TJ dogs?-If they're from a street vendor (which i assume they should be), anyone know a vendor that's ALWAYS in the same location and serves up quality dogs???--i payed 2 bucks for the one in Downtown LA.

Any information will be greatly appreciated, as I'm starting to crave one...


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  1. I've seen one at the corner of Echo Park Blvd and Sunset.

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      if there isn't one at this exact corner, you can almost always find a hot dog vendor at echo park lake or within a one block radius.

      my favorite bacon wrapped hot dog is outside the little temple bar. i know she's always there on thursdays.

      1. re: themirthmobile

        YES! What a great way to spend a thurs night - 3 rooms of hip hop followed by a delicious bacon wrapped hot dog.

    2. There is a vendor who goes to all of the fairs and sells them. I always see them on Memorial Day and Labor Day here in the South Bay (Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach). I'm sure they hit all of the yearly fairs/festivals in LA. They also sell a smoothie in a carved out pineapple which may help identify them, though I've never had it.

      1. ALWAYS outside of many venues for concerts. i was at the wiltern last night and had one. ohhhh so yummie. oh! and outside of the USC games!!!!

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        1. Studio City Farmers' Market, every Sunday morning at Laurel Canyon and Ventura Pl.

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            ohhh yummy.. these are the best, takes me back to my pregnant days walking up and down the Studio City Farmers Market... might just have to go there tomorrow.

          2. I've even seen them on Hollywood Blvd. at night between Grauman's and the Hollywood & Highland complex.


            1. There are about 5 or 6 of them every weekend near Olvera Street on the corner on Cesar Chavez and Spring.

              1. Today and every Wednesday at the Downtown LA farmers market you can find a popular stand. Its in front of the Downtown Library on 5th St

                1. Great recs... Also on Weekends in L.A.'s fashion district... :)


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                    Yes, these vendors are a dime a dozen at the Fashion district.

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                      yeah, that's where i've run into them too. no directions needed... just get to the district and follow your nose.

                  2. Melrose/Larchmont. She's always there on club nights... thursday through saturday. $4 for one danger dog i believe.

                    1. There is a stall at the Century City Farmers Market on Thursdays. They sell sausages and bacon-wrapped hot dogs with peppers, onions, and pineapple. I think the bacon-wrapped is closer to $4.00 each, though, far more than at a normal street vendor.

                      There is also a vendor right outside Staples Center after each event finishes.

                      1. If there is a crowd in LA then there will be...Danger Dogs!

                        1. Everyday, in front of Michael Levine fabric store, 920 Maple Ave Los Angeles there's a TJ dog vendor.

                          1. You have to hit the Garment District in Downtown L.A. They're on almost every corner, during the day and into the late afternoon. 7th, wall, maple, 9th-12th. Just go to the Garment District and take your pick.

                            1. Tijuana Dogs? Up in the bay area they call them Sonora Dogs. But in reality they are from Mexico City... specifically Parque Alameda near the historic center is where it all started.

                              1. There are a bunch of these vendors found Friday & Saturday nights behing Laurel Plaza. Laurel Plaza Park off of Laurel Canyon & Bellingham.

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                                  ok, it is quite embarrassing to admit it, but, since your post in November, I've tried to find the vendors you mentioned. For some reason, until today, I never understood where you were talking about. I found a lady vendor on St. Claire between Archwood and Kittridge.

                                  Man, it was good. grilled hot dog, grilled bacon, semi-grilled onions, grilled whole jalapeƱo, ketchup, mayo, mustard, on a semi-grilled bun. $2. WIll likely omit the ketchup, mayo, and pepper next time. Yum.

                                2. across from chateu marmont on Sunset Blvd on weekend nights.....

                                  1. Outside of any club on Sunset or Hollywood Blvd will have them, starting at around midnight going on until the bars start kicking people out.

                                    1. there's one on Broadway between 3rd and 4th every day.

                                      1. I saw one at every stop along the Blue line going south from downtown to the Green line on Thursday around 4ish, especially along the stops on Washington parrallel with the 10.

                                        1. my favorite is the one on ivar in hollywood outside the club ivar. yummm

                                          1. I call them "street dogs" which I think fits since the tacos served from small stands and carts are called "street tacos."

                                            I find them everywhere. They're always outside the Staples center before and after games. I saw one in little tokyo yesterday. Anywhere there's a street fair in LA you'll find them as well.

                                            Anyone who gets them without all the fixins (onions, mustard, ketchup, mayo) is missing out. It sounds and looks absolutely horrendous, especially if you are like me and hate mayo, but somehow it all blends together into one greasy mass of yum.

                                            1. I was at Food 4 Less today looking around and noticed they had packages of those dogs already wrapped in bacon in the hot dog section. I couldn't tell you what they're called because it was in Spanish.

                                              So you can have them at your home every day of the week.

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                                                I've been making them at home for the last few weeks. You pick the high quality dog-meat, bacon, condiments and bun. I sometimes use a handful of Thai bird chilis instead of jalapenos - YUM! They hit the spot when I can't make it to my favorite vendor on Whittier Bl. in East L.A.

                                                1. re: sel

                                                  When you say "favorite vendor," do you mean to say that there are significant differences in taste between the dogs at different locale's?

                                                  Where are people's FAVORITE places???? Also, what's a good price fopr one. I paid 2 bucks in downtown LA a couple months ago.



                                              2. Every weekday during the daytime only at Rosecrans & Main- actually on Main at the exit driveway of the B of A on the corner. She also has the fruit combos and the peanuts.

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                                                1. re: torty

                                                  I'll second this spot. Every weekday like mentioned above, and she's been there for years.

                                                  1. re: torty

                                                    What city is this in? And what other chowish places are nearby?

                                                  2. They also sell them at the Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet, I think they are called "Border Dogs" there. Its on Alondra near Valley View on the Santa Fe Springs/La Mirada border. Good place to go if you have a "TJ dog craving on the weekends" and ya get do some shopping too.


                                                    1. Downtown Upland Farmer's market Thursday nights. Next town over from Claremont, just outside LA County.

                                                      1. Oooh I love "dirty" dogs! I just had one this past weekend in the Garment District. Yumm-may-zing........

                                                        1. Every Sunday mid-day, on Figueroa between Ave. 55 and 56 in front of the Bank of America. I haven't succumbed yet, but the smell of these bacon dogs nearly sends me over the edge.

                                                          1. alpine and sunset at the base of Holy Hill Church whenever the club across the street is bumpin.

                                                            temple a few blocks east of glendale blvd. in front of a shaded tree parking lot next to what i think is a library, usually on weekdays in the early evenings.

                                                            hah let this be the thread that details all the spots!

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                                                              temple street vendor is gone... maybe the guy moved or something T_T

                                                            2. Across the street from the Roybal Bldg downtown (255 E. Temple) usually Monday-Friday.

                                                              1. Avenue Revolution Tijuana Baja Califas After hiting the Strip Clubs Vendors On EVERY Corner......... LOL

                                                                1. Oooooh, i love them dirty dogs... I live in the valley and they're everywhere in this place. Hope they don't jack up the price because they're getting popular.

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                                                                    "Everywhere" like where? I still haven't found one of these pups at a reasonable hour (before 11pm).