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Nov 8, 2006 06:23 AM

Tijuana dogs (bacon wrapped, street vendor hot dogs)-Where???

The first time i had one of these was at the Rose bowl. I had another one @ the convention center during the LA Auto Show, and my last encounter with the infamous TJ dog was in downtown LA, onear Cole's PE Buffet.

Does anyone know where i can find the best TJ dogs?-If they're from a street vendor (which i assume they should be), anyone know a vendor that's ALWAYS in the same location and serves up quality dogs???--i payed 2 bucks for the one in Downtown LA.

Any information will be greatly appreciated, as I'm starting to crave one...


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  1. I've seen one at the corner of Echo Park Blvd and Sunset.

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    1. re: maggiemmw

      if there isn't one at this exact corner, you can almost always find a hot dog vendor at echo park lake or within a one block radius.

      my favorite bacon wrapped hot dog is outside the little temple bar. i know she's always there on thursdays.

      1. re: themirthmobile

        YES! What a great way to spend a thurs night - 3 rooms of hip hop followed by a delicious bacon wrapped hot dog.

    2. There is a vendor who goes to all of the fairs and sells them. I always see them on Memorial Day and Labor Day here in the South Bay (Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach). I'm sure they hit all of the yearly fairs/festivals in LA. They also sell a smoothie in a carved out pineapple which may help identify them, though I've never had it.

      1. ALWAYS outside of many venues for concerts. i was at the wiltern last night and had one. ohhhh so yummie. oh! and outside of the USC games!!!!

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        1. Studio City Farmers' Market, every Sunday morning at Laurel Canyon and Ventura Pl.

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          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            ohhh yummy.. these are the best, takes me back to my pregnant days walking up and down the Studio City Farmers Market... might just have to go there tomorrow.

          2. I've even seen them on Hollywood Blvd. at night between Grauman's and the Hollywood & Highland complex.