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Nov 8, 2006 04:30 AM

Minibar reservation

I'm visiting my sister in the DC region in late December. I really want to go to Minibar for dinner. Could I get more info about the reservation process? Per the web site, you're suppose to call in one month in advance but I heard it's really 2 months. Could I get clarification/tips from someone who's been there recently and also feedback on your experience? Thanks!

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  1. it's 30 days and they e-mail you a confirmation form which you have to fax back with your cc # on it to guarantee the reservation. I'm not crazy about faxing my cc #, but it's one of the pains about getting this reservation. I'm biased here, but you might consider searching and reading on my post about my unfortunate experience there.

    1. I could not find your post. Could you put up a link?

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      1. I went to minibar in September and enjoyed it. I wanted to go on a Saturday night so I called for reservations exactly one month in advance, a little after 9 am that morning, and had no problems.

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          Hi Cheesepowder - I was wondering. I am limited on the evenings I can go to minibar due to being in that business. I have been trying to get a resv for over a year. YOUR posting said that you called just after 9?? I was told they didn't take resv till 10 on the dot. Should I be calling earlier?

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            Maybe these things change in 4 years?

        2. This thread might be helpful. You have to be diligent and even that rarely helps. It's mostly about luck.

          You have to call a month out, start just before 10am, multiple phones going helps.