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Nov 8, 2006 04:10 AM

what have you made and liked in madhur jaffrey's "World Vegetarian" Cookbook

I bought this cookbook with high hopes. I was looking for a way to spice up the veggie side dishes at home.

So far I have been disappointed with the recipes I have tried.
I made the brocolli with walnut sauce - the walnut sauce was tasty, much like hummous, but would have been better as a dip, rather then a sauce coating par-boiled brocolli. The two did not combine the way I had imagined. The brocolli was ruined and the sauce wasted.
The mushrooms with corriander seeds and white wine were very disappointing as well. I actually had to stop eating them. Same goes with the glazed carrots. Very unappealing results.

I have faith that there are good recipes to be found in this large book. I just need some direction.

What have you tried/made that has been a success?

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  1. I've actually been looking at this book for the past week thinking of some veggie inspiration (too much meat lately). I wanted to make the broccoli with walnut sauce, but couldn't find my walnuts!

    Lentils topped with Garlic Mushrooms is a standby!

    1. Green Beans with Cumin and Fennel (pg. 202). Delicious! I've also made it with Yard Long beans cut to size.

      1. I asked this very question a few months back. Here were the recs I received...
        Chickpea and Potato Curry, Caribbean Style (p. 35)
        Basic Chickpea Flour Pancakes (with lots of variations) GREAT (p. 37)

        Weirdly wonderful is Cashews in Green Spice Paste (119)

        I also like the Green Beans with Garlic and Preserved Lemon and the next recipe with roasted red pepper and pres. lem. (p.205)

        Rajas (p. 267) and Greek baked potatoes (p. 277)

        Moroccan sweet potatoes with raisins and cinnamon (285)

        Any of the pilafs (in the 380s-390's)

        Pancakes (savory rather than sweet) starting on 466.

        1. She has a basic lentil recipe that I made the other night- easy and fantastic. Maybe it's called 'lentils in sauce.' It's a one pot dish, which is so wonderful. And you can fuss it up with leftovers for ages.

          Let me take a look at my copy and offer more faves.