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Nov 8, 2006 03:37 AM

What can you tell me about The Feast at Lele in Maui??

I read about this on Trip Advisor. I really hate touristy stuff BUT several people said the food is outstanding. I don't mind paying $100 per person IF the food is great--I don't care about the show.

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  1. I was hoping someone who had been would respond. Since no one has, I can tell you that an associate of mine who lives on Maui says this is the only luau she takes visiting friends to precisely because the food is very good.

    1. Sorry, I just don't think you get many CH's going to Luaus... In this case, TripAdvisor probably is a better resource.

      1. I might agree with your comment regarding luaus, but what enticed me was the following description:

        "...The Feast at Lele was developed by the owners of I’O restaurant and the Old Lahaina gang. The main difference between this event and the average luau is that the Feast at Lele is an intimate gourmet level multi-course sit-down extravaganza served by gracious hosts and waitresses. You won’t find buffet lines or large crowds here. Instead, you will book a private table and be treated to an assortment of dishes representing the major Polynesian island groups.

        From Hawaii are kalua pig, pohole ferns and hearts of palm; Tongo offers lobster and ogo salad and Pulehu beef; Tahiti presents fafa steamed chicken in coconut milk and poisson cru; Samoa is represented by coconut cream shrimp and avocado with lilikoi. These are simply examples of the many dishes which during the course of the evening seem to keep rolling in like so many waves on the beach..."

        I thought this may be a good chance to try some try ethnic dishes besides macaroni salad, etc. at the local hole-in-the wall places (which I also love going to).

          1. I am a chowhound who has been to the Feast at Lele and several other luaus on Maui. While it it true that the food at the Feast at Lele is better than the food at the other luaus, that certainly does not mean that the food at the Feast at Lele is good, and it is certainly not gourmet! It is mass-produced food in small portions squeezed in during acts of the luau. Since you said you don't care about the show, there is NO QUESTION WHATSOEVER that you would enjoy the food a lot more at any of Maui's top restaurants.

            My personal favorite restaurant on Maui is Plantation House in the clubhouse of the Plantation golf course in Kapalua. Other top Maui restaurants include David Paul's Lahaina Grill in Lahaina and Nick's Fishmarket in Wailea.

            Don't go to a luau for the food!