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Nov 8, 2006 03:22 AM

Cincinnati Chinese

Hi Chowhounds,

Other than PF Changs, is there anywhere in Cincinnati -- or maybe in a large radius -- Dayton, Columbus, Indiana, KY -- that has GOOD Chinese food? I'm really craving the REAL thing. Where can I go?


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  1. Not far from PF Chang's is China Gourmet, on Erie Avenue in Hyde Park. The decor is a little long in the tooth but the food is excellent.

    Personal favorite of my wife's is Szechuan Wok on Montgomery Road in Silverton, for the yu shang pork. We love it.

    My wife also works with several Chinese folks, and when she asks them where they like to eat, she gets two answers -- Uncle Yip's in Fairfield and House of Sun in Sharonville (not the one downtown). I also hear good things about Pacific Moon.

    Beyond Chinese, I like Bangkok Bistro in Hyde Park for Thai, and Song Long in Roselawn for Vietnamese.

    For takeout, I like Casual Chinese in Newport.

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      Hubby and I finally made it to China Gourmet, which I believe has redecorated since the above post. Nothing to quibble about there, other than it was a little on the gloomy side, dim lighting and dark painted walls. The appetizers were fine: tasty hot and sour soup, an unexceptional egg roll, and an order of somethings variously described as steamed dumplings or "dim sum" with a respectable pork filling. The entrees, however, I can only describe as some of the most disgusting food I've ever been served in a restaurant. My beef satay--a small portion served on a limp lettuce leaf with no other vegetables or garnishes--had the unpleasant texture of cheap chuck roast that's been cooked until it crumbles into a dry paste when you chew it. The sauce on the satay and the sauce on my husband's kung pao chicken (also a small portion) were undistinguishable, other than the kung pao was spicy and the sauce on the beef had an unpleasantly strong flavor of cheap "liquid smoke." Otherwise, the sauces seemed to rely on what tasted like a mixture of dark Karo syrup and soy sauce. And I'm still trying to figure out what the grit in my beef was supposed to accomplish, culinary-wise. Along with one mixed drink and one glass of wine, we ran up a tab for $64, and left at least half of the skimpy entrees on the table.

      All in all, I'd say this was a memorably bad experience that stands out even in the mediocrity of the Cincinnati Chinese scene. We left swearing to make the drive to Ft. Mitchell to Oriental Wok, or just doing without.

    2. I concur that Uncle Yip's is good and interesting. I also like Blue Gibbon on Tennessee Avenue in Norwood.

      In Clifton, Cilantro is good Vietnamese food, even if the place is a dive.

      Song Long rocks.

      1. Uncle Yip's is excellent. The Grand Oriental, 4800 Fields-Ertel Rd in Deerfield Twp, has really good dim sum on weekends. Each time I have been there, the customers are mostly Chinese, and I would rank the dim sum quality with the best of Seattle places.

        1. Johnny Chan 2 in Harper's Point off Montgomery Rd. It's the best in Cincy and the staff is wonderful.

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            Oh man.... there are a bunch ...First stop Thai Express in Clifton on the corner of Clifton Ave and McMillan...its the best..

            Bancock Bistro, Asiana, Sezchuan Wok,

            1. re: QueensFoody

              Also in the Clifton area:
              -for fresh seafood dishes, try King Wok on McMillan
              -this place has live seafood in aquariums along the back wall
              -the elephant clams are huge

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