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Nov 8, 2006 03:05 AM

Need help / Wife's birthday Saturday / Westside or Hollywood or thereabouts

Here's what we're looking for:
Must have good steak -- my wife loves steak.
Quiet and Romantic.
Parking must be close or valet must be available since my wife has a broken foot.
Ideally it would be close to movie theaters -- we'll eat early, i.e. around 6:30, then hopefully be able to hobble over to a film.

We'd been thinking about Magnolia, but I haven't been impressed by what I've read. The Whisper Lounge is another possibility, but that doesn't look too quiet. West looks like a possibility, but it'd mean driving to a theatre.

Our two favorite places are Michael's (unfortunately closed Saturday for a wedding reception) and Vibrato (but our favorite early-set pianist isn't playing this weekend). We rarely go out, so we want to make the best of our opportunity.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Came here last week. Late mind you but, still hopping with yummy food and interesting folks! One thing I loved was the intimate booths that are separated with wood walls. Can be very romantic.
    KATE MANTILINI 9101 Wilshire Blvd
    ***Location at Doheny Dr*** -valet underground parking right off Wilshire Blvd. :)KQ

    1. If it were I, then I would want to determine what movie(s) I wanted to see and make sure where it's/they're playing before I decided where to dine nearby. You picked any out yet?

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      1. re: JBC

        At the moment, it's between "Volver" and "Babel."

      2. Try Little Door. So romantic and pretty. I highly recommend the filet mignon. Walking to the Grove is a little ambitious with a broken foot, but it's a very quick drive.

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        1. re: Newkie

          I checked into Little Door, and it looks great. Unfortunately, though, my wife's doesn't really like French food -- the sauces are generally too much for her. How do they do the filet?

          1. re: Daniel Slosberg

            According to their website:

            Grilled Filet Mignon with "Green Peppercorn and Tarragon Sauce" with Potato and Leek Gratin, Baby Broccoli and Carrots.

            I should be NO problem asking them to put the sauce(s) on the side, substitute another one(s), and/or have it prepared sans sauce(s). You could always call first & check.

            If nothing changes, "Babel" starts at 8:35 at the Grove which might also have valet parking (never used it myself) saving time & walking distance. "Volver" might only be at the Arclight at 7:50 & 11:00 - you might not make the 7:50.

            1. re: JBC

              I think of the food as more Meditteranian than French.