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Mini hamburger buns-Where can I find them???

Does anyone know where I can buy mini hamburger buns (slider buns)in the Washington, DC area?

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  1. Safeway and Giant have some pretty small ones. Just some regular brand. Potato rolls.

    1. Some of the in-store bakeries make "dinner rolls" that might do the trick. Shoppers Food Warehouse's bakeries comes to mind and there are others. They have the added advantage of more crustiness than what you'd normally find in the bread aisle. I believe Costco has a similar product.

      1. I am now living in Delaware and find King's Hawaiian Mini Dinner rolls in the Deli Section @ Food Lion. I use to get them at the Safeway in Canton neighborhood of Baltimore. They are just great for those sliders. I just found a four pack in my freezer and some ground beef. Have the pickle chips and instant onions so I guess I am set for dinner tonight.

        1. Another thought would be to buy hot dog rolls and chop them in half. This was the suggestion on a copy-cat recipe for White Castle sliders.

          Probably a bit cheaper than the excellent but kind of expensive King's Hawaiian mini rolls.



          1. Shoppers Food Warehouse has some decent potato-type dinner rolls. Like most dinner rolls, they're kinda tall, but they're not sliced. I've found that slicing an extra half-inch off the middle makes for easier eating. Brushing with melted butter helps them go down easier too.

            1. Whole Foods has bags of frozen mini-ciabattas and focaccias that make nice buns for mini-burgers. I can't recall the brand exactly (Alexia perhaps?). These end up crispier and more substantial (and tastier, I think) than your typical White Castle slider bun.

              1. Thanks so much for helping me with the mini burger buns.
                I found that Best Buns in Arlington makes them to order at reasonable price.
                Thanks again for all your help!

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                  Might also ask at any Great Harvest bakery - I noticed a commercial roll-press at the one near me (Quaker Lane, Arlington)

                2. Does anyone know where I can buy mini burger buns in the San Francisco area?

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                    Francisco Internatl. french rolls might work - 2-1/2 x 3" squarish rounds.