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Nov 8, 2006 01:52 AM

Today's Today Show... Jaime Oliver

Did anyone happen to see Jaime Oliver today? He made this rolled pasta tube..filled with roasted butternut squash, spinach, ricotta, & moz, Rolled it all up (like a strudel) in a sheet of pasta, and boiled it! To serve, cut into pieces. It looks amazing. Has anyone ever actually made this?

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  1. Here's the recipe:

    No, I haven't but intend to. Lot's of ways to vary it too.

    I thought I saw something like that once, but it was done in foil, but I not sure.

    1. I saw this and read the recipe but the idea of boiling pasta in a dish towel made me gag. It occured to me that you might be able to use cheesecloth instead. Any ideas?? Also wondering if it is possible to buy the pasta instead of making it!?

      1. I have a similar sounding Valentina Harris recipe with fish - when cut it you get a spiral of filled pasta. It's something I would have to cook for other people (due to quantity) but have a suspicion may go horribly wrong first time so haven't yet done it!

        1. I was wondering the same about the pre-made sheets of pasta. I'm in the bosotn area... some italian store must sell them. I don't have time/patience/talent to make homemade pasta sheets.

          The cheesecloth thing didn't concern me much - i have separate towels for things like this (dough raising etc)

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            Sorry if this isn't the place, but Russo's in Watertown sells sheets of fresh pasta
            (it, as well as all of their other fresh pastas are wonderful)

          2. You could try no boil type lasagna noodles and just soften in warm water first.