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Nov 8, 2006 12:41 AM

Portland ME--looking for non-grocery-store chicken

Where in the Portland Maine area can I find fresh locally-raised chicken? I'm talking raw, not a restaurant meal. Any ideas?

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  1. Have you tried the Public Market or Whole Foods (which might not be local though). I'm not actually from Portland so not sure of local places but there have got to be!

    1. You're right--I'm sure there are sources for fresh local, non-corporate-chain-store chicken. I'm hoping to hear from someone who can recommend one or two. The Portland Public Market, unfortunately, has been closed for several months.

      1. I would try the Rosemont Market on Brighton Ave.

        1. Yes, try Rosemont - great place

          1. I always have problems finding local chicken and eggs after farmer's market/farm stand season ends.

            Rosemont carries Maine-ly poultry and I think that Whole Grocer does as well. I have heard that you can buy directly from Sunrise Acres Farm in Cumberland, but I'm not sure if that's year-round or whether chicken is regularly available. Probably Royal River Natural Foods in Freeport or Lois Natural Marketplace in Scarborough?

            I hope to get some good information on this as well. Here are some links I like:

            "Find Maine Food: "