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Nov 8, 2006 12:14 AM

Delicata squash

I have never even seen one of these before but someone was kind enough to give me one today. What to do with it? How to season/ prep? Thanks for any ideas. You guys always come through for me.

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  1. Do you mean "how is Delicata squash different from other winter squashes?" It's supposed to have a nicer flavor, but, as with all small winter squashes, you can't go wrong cutting it in half, scooping out the seeds, putting about 1 T of butter and 1 T of brown sugar in each half, and baking for about 45 minutes at 350.

    Stuffing with a rice-based stuffing would also be good. The ridged exterior make them hard to peel; butternuts are better for that.

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      Oh yum! Both methods sound delicious. Thanks, moosechop. I am assuming since it is hard to peel, that one does not eat the peel along with the squash then? Sounds like one might have to scoop out the cooked squash? Or scoop out the rice and then the squash?

    2. I find delicata squash is sweeter than most squash and is denser in texture more like a buttercup (kabocha) squash rather than butternut squash. Personally I enjoy it simply cut into slices, tossed with olive oil, salt, and pepper then roasted at about 375 C until its tender. Also it's not necessary to peel this squash because the skin is edible which just adds to this squash's appeal.

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        I just cooked a delicata as you described the other day. I love that you can eat the skin! It is a delicious squash, though I've had better luck buying it at Farmers Markets as opposed to grocery stores.

      2. I'm going to use one tomorrow to make Kaddo Bowrani. I've also been using them interchangeably with other winter squahes to make Thai curries with red curry paste and coconut milk. I've also used them in risotto in exchange for butternut squash and in vegetarian mushroom lasagne, cubbed and sauteed with sage in place of a tomato sauce.

        1. Hello,

          We love delicata, to us it has a corn-like taste. To prepare it, I cut it in half lengthwise, scoop out the seeds, and place the halves cut side down in a casserole dish. Add a little water, cover the dish and microwave for 12-15 minutes or until the squash is soft. I usually serve one half per person and we scoop it out with a spoon to eat it, don't eat the outer skin. ENjoy!

          1. Jamie Oliver has the best recipe for roast squash. I cut the squash into quarters, scoop out seeds, then brush with olive oil that has been mixed with a rough grind (whirl) in the spice grinder of fennel, cumin, coriander and black pepper (or any other of your choice of spices). Add some crumbled oregano and a couple of crushed garlic cloves and salt - mix all this together and brush on the squash. Bake in a 400 deg. oven for about 15 minutes - test for doneness and bake some more if necessary. This is one of the great pleasures of life....and you don't have to peel the damned squash! He serves it with drinks as an app. I usually serve it as a side dish at dinner.

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              I've been doing something very similar with delicata lately! I cut in half lengthwise, then each in half again, then in quarters to get cresents, then toss with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, and a little cinnamon (just a tiny bit), cayenne/cumin/oregano (sometimes one, sometimes two of the above), and bake at the same temp (though sometimes 450 if I want crunchy bits on the outside). It's my new favorite sqaush, and is so easy and tasty.