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Buffalo wings in and around surrounding counties of central jersey

Okay friends. I am hoping this post will bring some good suggestions. I am looking for good buffalo chicken wings similar to what the anchor bar is famous for. I have been to Sun Tavern, but have not found there wings to be anything to shake a stick at and Hooters is nice but they bread their wings which is not the true style of buffalo wings. Any suggestions would be great. I am new to the area so its hard to now where to go i.e. sports bars etc...


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  1. I'm not sure how close you are to Princeton and I'm unfamiliar with the style of wings served at Anchor Bar, but Chuck's in Princeton has excellent wings. I haven't been there in a number of years, but my father used to get a huge order of them on Sundays during football season and they were always great.

    Here's a review from the Princeton University newspaper - http://www.dailyprincetonian.com/arch...

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    1. In Monmouth county, I have yet to find any more decent than Jack's in West Long Branch. They are really a rib house and mostly a Monmouth University bar and hangout, but they do make the best wings in the area.

      I posted a similar thread here recently asking other folks for their favorites, but got maybe one reply - maybe it's my virtual breath from all those garlic wings? ;o)

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        I second the vote for Jack's. It's actually in West End, a neighborhood in Long Branch.

      2. There's a Pizzeria Uno (or Uno's now, I think) on Rt. 1 in Edison, NJ. I get them at least once a week, ask for them crispy. The bartender knows me, so he has them add the sauce to the wings then puts them in the over or oil again. The best around. Plus, they have Happy Hour from 3-7:00pm at most of them. $2.99 gets you 6 wings!

        1. Cluck U across the street from the Monmouth Mall has amazing wings. They are breaded but they are delicious. I'd reccomend getting french fries smothered in sauce as well. Go with either Atomic or Nuclear sauce.

          1. The closest to Anchor Bar wings I ever had in NJ was at the old Ground Round in East Brunswick. I gave up long ago looking for good ones and learned to just make them myself. I will admit I had some that came from the frozen section at Costco that were pretty good though.


              1. Jack's wings are great, but if you are looking for something a little south of there try Simko's in Brielle.

                1. You have to try Chuck's Spring Street Cafe in Princeton, the wings are unbelievable!!!! Try the FF too.

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                    507 Main in Belmar makes a pretty authentic wing. They offer several variations, as well. If you're ok with heat, the Asian Sriracha Sauce wings are excellent.

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                      I gotta say on this reco I had the grilled Sriracha wings at 507 the other day and they were just awesome. They were also HUGE. These were no free range chickens, they probably took more steroids than Roger Clemens but I really enjoyed them.

                  2. actually, down the street from 507 Main is the Boathouse on Main St. in Belmar (same owners but original as 507 is relatively new). The Boathouse wings excellent and offered fried or grilled with several sauce choices... not breaded.
                    By the way, the Anchor Bar in Buffalo does not bread its wings (last I was there, at least), so anyone making breading wings are not making authentic Buffalo wings, tasty or otherwise.

                    1. Bucket of wings at Mugs in Raritan.

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                        I'm going to my sister's in Bridgewater for New Years, so going to give Mugs in Raritan a shot. Thanks, princess!

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                          Did you ever try those wings? If so, what did you think?

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                            Actually, it seemed as though everybody was sick on New Years so I wound up not doing much. I plan on seeing her & her family soon & will get the wings from there & let you know. Thanks for following up!

                      2. Get the originals from the Anchor Bar in Buffalo http://www.anchorbar.com/index.asp My son ordered them last year for the Super Bowl and they were pretty good, but quite frankly, Chucks in Hamilton Twp. were better.

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                          TomDel - Where is this Chuck's in Hamilton? I live in East Windsor & would love to try them. You don't mean the Chuck's in Princeton, do you? I can't seem to find Chucks in Hamilton when doing a phone book search.

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                            I’m not big wings fan so I haven’t been to Chucks lately. They’re located at 950 Route 33 between Paxon Ave. and Deerwood Dr. The Post Office has only recently recognized Hamilton. Chucks is listed as Trenton. I think it’s close to where the Cooper Cycle Ranch and latter Robotics were located. My son and wife are wings connoisseurs and both say they are the best. I'd call first to make sure they're still there and open (609) 588-0088.

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                              I've eaten wings all around the country. None are better than Chucks.

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                              Across from the Acme Plaza; in the same strip as the "Poorboys" sandwich shop. Had some Saturday, 2-2-08, for the 1st time in a couple of years. They are good.

                          2. The best Buffalo wings I've had in Jersey are at Basil's Lambchop house on route 33 near turnpike exit 8 (oddly they're not on the website menu but they are on the dine-in menu)

                            Also try the maple horseradish wings.

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                              isn't that in a days inn motel? i stayed at that motel for 2 months, but i never at there, is it any good?

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                                Yeah. The chops and steaks can get a little pricey, but stuff life burgers and wings are good and reasonable.

                            2. If only it were 15 years earlier....Willies Wings in New Brunswick...........

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                                Does anyone know what the recipe for their "atomic wings" was or if the proprietors of willies has opened under a new name??
                                I have unsuccessfully been trying to replicate it since they've closed......

                                1. re: WingQuest

                                  BEST WING ANYWHERE
                                  been looking for that recipe since they closed ,willys moved to another location in north brunwick and the name was changed to woodrows still had the same atomic wings and also occasionally made habanaro ice cream (they had home made ice cream there, went there one day and there was a state or city red sticker on the door ordering the closing , dont know what that was about, never opened back ,if anyone knows the recipe or owners name PLEASE TELL

                              2. Been a wing fan for years and have found few that match up to Chuck's Spring Street Cafe in Princeton.

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                                  I live in western NY now (Rochester) but grew up in Trenton so I can speak on this topic. I've had Chucks in Princeton and also in Ewing Twp ( I think it is a Chuck's). The biggest difference between WNY buffalo wings and Chuck's is the size. In WNY the wings are usually pretty good sized ( but the sauce in unpredicatable in terms of coating (some places the sauce has disappeared and I have to make up my combo of Frank's and butter and coat them myself)
                                  Chuck's have good heat and sauce but they are usually tiny in size compared to WNY wings. I tend to like the bigger, meatier wings found in WNY then Chuck's. But, I believe Chuck's is the only wings I have had in Central NJ.

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                                    The best wings are at OutBack. They have a coating that is almost like, but not quite, a breading and the sauce is cooked right into it.

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                                      Outback does BREAD their wings. After they fry them they spin them in a cambro with thier signature hot sauce. I used to like them but they are not traditional.

                                2. Has anyone tried the World of Wings (WOW) Cafe franchise? new one in Metuchen. Pictures on the website look good, but I haven't been there yet.

                                  1. hotfoodhot - Outback wings are very good but not my idea of a traditional buffalo wing with hot sauce/tabasco

                                    TO me the best wing is made with a simple sauce of tabasco and butter. So simple and so good but seldom can anyone properly execute this simple treat.

                                    I noticed a small place in a small strip between a storage place and the modern design furniture store on 9 South in Manalapan. I beleive it's called Wing Man or Wing Guy. It looks like a real small palce and could easily be missed Anyone ever try this?

                                    1. Basil T's in Red Bank has some extremely delicious wings. I've never been to Buffalo so I can't compair them to Anchor Bar, but I believe the sauce is traditional and the wings are always VERY meaty. They serve up delicious homebrews to accompany their wings as well.

                                      1. My go to wing spot is Memphis Pig Out. Large, meaty & spicy. Also a lice crisp exterior, not slimy or sticky.

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                                          Memphis Pig Out is located where?

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                                              I have had excellent Wings at the Golden Dragon Chinese take out on rt 37 in Toms River...big & crispy......they also have them in garlic sauce which is to die for!