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Nov 7, 2006 11:52 PM

Buffalo wings in and around surrounding counties of central jersey

Okay friends. I am hoping this post will bring some good suggestions. I am looking for good buffalo chicken wings similar to what the anchor bar is famous for. I have been to Sun Tavern, but have not found there wings to be anything to shake a stick at and Hooters is nice but they bread their wings which is not the true style of buffalo wings. Any suggestions would be great. I am new to the area so its hard to now where to go i.e. sports bars etc...


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  1. I'm not sure how close you are to Princeton and I'm unfamiliar with the style of wings served at Anchor Bar, but Chuck's in Princeton has excellent wings. I haven't been there in a number of years, but my father used to get a huge order of them on Sundays during football season and they were always great.

    Here's a review from the Princeton University newspaper -

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    1. In Monmouth county, I have yet to find any more decent than Jack's in West Long Branch. They are really a rib house and mostly a Monmouth University bar and hangout, but they do make the best wings in the area.

      I posted a similar thread here recently asking other folks for their favorites, but got maybe one reply - maybe it's my virtual breath from all those garlic wings? ;o)

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        I second the vote for Jack's. It's actually in West End, a neighborhood in Long Branch.

      2. There's a Pizzeria Uno (or Uno's now, I think) on Rt. 1 in Edison, NJ. I get them at least once a week, ask for them crispy. The bartender knows me, so he has them add the sauce to the wings then puts them in the over or oil again. The best around. Plus, they have Happy Hour from 3-7:00pm at most of them. $2.99 gets you 6 wings!

        1. Cluck U across the street from the Monmouth Mall has amazing wings. They are breaded but they are delicious. I'd reccomend getting french fries smothered in sauce as well. Go with either Atomic or Nuclear sauce.

          1. The closest to Anchor Bar wings I ever had in NJ was at the old Ground Round in East Brunswick. I gave up long ago looking for good ones and learned to just make them myself. I will admit I had some that came from the frozen section at Costco that were pretty good though.