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Nov 7, 2006 11:08 PM

Best Pizza that will deliver in or to Pacific Beach?

Can anyone help me with this one. Where is the best pizza parlor that will deliver to Pacific Beach? Thank in advance!!!

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  1. Have you tried Hoboken Pizza? I don't know if they deliver but I liked their pizza a lot. It is a little more pricy though than Bronx...

    1. Hoboken is great but delivery tends to exceed an hour. I really like La Cosa Pizza located on Garnet. Try the Milano.

      1. I grew up in New Jersey, and I can attest that Hoboken is easily the best NY-Style pizza in all of PB, and probably second to Bronx in all of SD. If you order a Stromboli with Meatball and Ham you can't go wrong.

        I used to also enjoy Central Park on Cass and they deliver, but they just changed owners and I haven't tried it since then. I didn't really care for La Cosa.

        Both Hoboken and Central are overpriced though. A 12" sandwich at Hoboken will cost you about $10, and a large cheese pizza $15

        1. Another vote for La Cosa here. We have gotten consistently good pizza from them over the past several years.

          Regarding the new location that used to be Central Park (can't remember the new name), I tried them a few weeks ago (post name change) and did not particularly like it.

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            The last time I lived in PB (think 1998) we always had La Cosa delivered. It was better then any chain, more reasonable timewise, they always had coupons and the pizza (most of the time) was some of the best delivery. We are moving back to PB in a month or two and I am really excited that La Cosa is still around!

          2. There is a Ciro's Pizza in Bar West that delivers to PB.

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              I am amending my answer from above--Olde City Grille! Their pizza is fantastic (NYC) style and the best deal around. They will also deliever slices if you want cheese steaks, fries--they actually work with the delivery, or salads. The pizza is great quality and I think $13 for a plain cheese that is larger then can fit in my fridge. If I order a pizza it lasts 2 of us at least 3 meals.

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                I was going to chime in on Olde City -- great pizza! Grab a cheese steak while you're at it too -- they import their rolls from Philly.