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Nov 7, 2006 11:06 PM

Review - Sopra Lounge

Hi all, I went to Sopra Lounge last Friday, and just wanted to offer a review. This is a new lounge created by Massimo Capra and Paolo Paolini of Mistura, and its right upstairs. I had read in Toronto Life that Massimo said that this was going to be a mellow place, tapas style food, and you'd never have to yell over the i brought a friend there to catch up...
We had to yell over the music all was a live band, but they were pretty ok so i really didnt mind it. the crowd is about middle aged (im in my 20s but i still enjoyed the evening)
Food: we shared the pancetta wrapped scallops w/ fennel salad...the scallops were great, perfectly cooked. we also had frites with lemon and parmiggiano & lemon aiolo...very lemony, tasted a little burnt, but all in all would have been good if it was a little less cooked. For dessert we shared the cookie platter...GREAT! 8 cookies (4 different kinds) for only $7. I love the fact that you can get ice cream sandwiches, or a mini cheese tray, or cookies at a lounge. I think that was the best part of the evening.
I would definetly return because I like the vibe, and interesting offerings, and I think they just have to work out the kinks because they're new and I'm sure they'll get better. I'd love to know what others think of this place.

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  1. Thanks for the review. What is price of cocktails like?

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      I cant remember off the top of my head, but I think that they are consistant with cocktails in downtown bars. I got a DiSaronno on the rocks, (which is just shot), and I spent $7 (i think). You are going to spend a bit of money, but its a cool place for a romantic evening, or a fun night out with a few couples.

    2. Thanks for the review, I was hoping someone would post something new about Sopra. I'm going to put this on the list for next week.

      1. I dont' know if I should go: i may not be able to control myself if I run into Massimo. Although I think he is cooking downstairs...they hired another guy for Sopra because Tapas wasn't M's thing. I don't know how close the real Massimo is to the image he presents but I am totally in love with that guy- he is too adorable.

        1. Just got back from Sopra. The tapas menu is GONE as of Tuesday, November 14. The waitress said that it is not working out and that too many people are complaining about the high prices and the small portions.

          We thought the food was great, the waitress was great, but the remainder of the staff didn't seem to have ANY clue. We were constantly bombared by staff bringing dishes that we hadn't ordered to our table, and watching dishes that we had ordered being delivered to other tables.

          BE WARNED - there was an overwhelming stench of cigar smoke, which we were told was coming from outside. Somehow it managed to travel up the stairs, through a closed glass door, and around two sharp corners. Either that, or the ventilation system is seriously flawed, or most likely there were people smoking cigars inside. I say most likely, because when Sopra was featured on Opening Soon, Paolo Paolini commented that he thought it was completely ridiculous that the law didn't allow people to smoke inside. The smell got so bad, that we actually cancelled our orders, and had to leave.

          Regarding Massimo, we spotted him upstairs, but his only concern seemed to be discussing the location of the potlights with the one of the staff at 8:30 pm on a Friday night - not sure who was actually doing the cooking downstairs!

          1. This is Chef Massimo Capra's baby, and with Mistura down-stairs one would expect better. The ambiance was interestingly a balance of classy, mixed with youthfully under dressed female 20-something year olds and older men. A large piano took helm at the front and on this occasion, the very touchy-feely Trevor Gowan played and sang at the keys. Our appetizer of scallops was tasty, however, my sea bass (from where I'm not sure) was delicious in itself, but made bland by the sliced radish ornament on top of it. Really a good piece of fish with the wrong accompaniment. My partner's striped sea bass was a colourful hunk of meat, that exuded goodness but disappointed the palate. Paired with a bitter radicchio, it really was rather awful. Dessert was unmemorable. A chocolate something or other that thankfully, didn't offend.