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Nov 7, 2006 11:05 PM

Try Tony's Pasta in Chattanooga

First time in Chattanooga over the weekend. With a group of rowers on Saturday night, ate at Tony's Pasta Shop down by the Aquarium and Riverfront area. Large selection of Italian wines by the glass. An excellent Santa Margharita and a decent Barossa. Plus they had Sam Adams' Winter Ale. Ahi tuna very large, nice and pink in center. Mix and match on pasta and sauce and extras. Raviolis were large and filling. Good black bean style soup. And real spumoni ice cream. Good service, prompt seating for large party at height of diner hour. Will definitely go back again next time in town.

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  1. I just tried Tony's too, based on chowhounder's reviews. It wasn't bad, but I wouldn't go again. It's affordable, but has the generic feeling of a good-quality chain.

    1. Sorry you didn't enjoy your experience at Tony's. It may not be a "hidden gem" but an Olive Garden or Mellow Mushroom it is NOT!! My taste buds may have been influenced by the fact I had been out in the sun wind and cold and rowed 12 miles that day so even a quarter pounder from Micky Dees would have seemd like a gourmet feast. But since all other listings on this board in Chattanooga were either too far away or seating wouldn't accomodate a dozen ravishing folks. Service was attentive and the wine selection was all Italian and you could do tastings, and the food on the menu away from the seelct your pasta sauce items was well prepared.