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Nov 7, 2006 10:27 PM

Franziskaner on Tap ?

Where can I get this Weissbier on tap near Boston, if even ? And your opinions on whether this is the best Weissbier Germany has produced.

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  1. Funnily enough I was drinking this in Philly the other night - at Ludwig's on 13th & Sansom and really enjoying it. C'mon down!

    I lived in Munich and have had lots of Weissbier, and couldn't really vote on whether this is the best - but it certainly is good.

    I had a fantastic Dunkle Weissbier by Hacker-Pschorr (I think) there also, which just about knocked my socks off. Really good stuff on a chilly night.

    1. I can't give you any specific places, but do a search for some German restaurants or bars. And make sure you get a 1 Liter mas!

      1. Redbones has it on tap on occasion. I believe its a regular offering at the Horseshoe pub in Hudson.

        I think its a good hefeweizen - right up there with Paulaner and Hacker Pschorr, but not quite as good as Weihenstephaner or Julius Echter imo.

        Hefeweizens are not usually sold in a 1 liter mass - even in Germany. Usually it is served in half liter weissbier glasses. The shape of the glass helps to make the head stand up out of the glass like an ice cream cone, and helps concentrate the phenolic and estery aromas that come from the use of a true hefeweizen yeast.

        1. Wow. I was thinking about how smart-assed an answer it would be if I just gave you the name of my local before I realized that you were looking in Boston.

          As it so happens, you can find it at Atwoods on Cambridge Street. I imagine that the Publick House and Sunset are good bets as well. You really ought to post this on the Boston boards...

          1. Sorry, thought people in Boston might also read the Beer postings, seeing we do partake in our share of it. My wife is from Munich and I believe that Franziskaner is a little better than the Hackers, and Echter, but also IMO.