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Nov 7, 2006 10:27 PM

OP Cafe on Ocean Park in SM

When I used to work on Ocean Park near 28th, I would often have lunch at the very comfortable and very dive-y place called Ocean Park Cafe. It was homey and had Mexican-inspired breakfast foods that I liked, as well as a good selection of veggie options.

That place has been gone for about 8 months, but since I no longer work over there, I haven't had time to check out the place that opened in that spot which is called OP Cafe. I went today for the 1st time. The physical space has been spruced up a bit and is bright and cheery. The food, however, seemed really pretty unexciting and basic. The menu contains eggs in numerous incarnations and a small selection of wraps and salads. Today they had one special: a barbeque tofu sandwich - which is what I ordered. The french fries were nice, crisp and seasoned well; the sandwich was grilled tofu and crispy fried onions bathed in a very sweet BBQ sauce. Eh... maybe the egg dishes are better?

I believe OP Cafe is open until 3pm. It is located on Ocean Park at 31st.

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  1. the eggs *are* good, as are the burger (the ever-popular arugula/caramelized onions/stinky cheese combo), the OP wrap (chicken/dried cranberries/walnuts), and especially the sweet potato fries.

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      The OP Cafe is really nice , we all friends used to have lunch their on weekends regularly now. I like egg dishes and omelet dishes the most here.

    2. i'm in santa monica on biz next week - i have to get up very early to beat the traffic so i figure i'll check this place out - the guy i'm meeting lives in that area so i asked him about this place - he loves the place ( now granted, he ain't a "foodie" in that i asked for details he didn't have much to say except he liked the food ) he said he eats there 2-3 times a day - mainly for breakfast - he said the chefs ( would it be chef or cook ? ) are from a place called i'm wondering if i'm a foodie because i've never heard of marmalades - is it in santa monica too ?

      anyways, i will report after my meal. i love old style diner places with a modern twist..i hope this hits the spot

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          1. I live close to the OP cafe & initially i had a few very good meals there including breakfast & lunch though lately omlettes have been over cooked & uninspired (my proscuitto was clumped together & cooked till hard as rock). My last salad was fine but not something I'd crave. My husbands burger was well done despite his request for medium rare.......

            for breakfast locally i like amondine on wilshire at bundy..... the pastries are very yummy and the croque madam devine......but my last omlette was also overcooked...