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OP Cafe on Ocean Park in SM

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When I used to work on Ocean Park near 28th, I would often have lunch at the very comfortable and very dive-y place called Ocean Park Cafe. It was homey and had Mexican-inspired breakfast foods that I liked, as well as a good selection of veggie options.

That place has been gone for about 8 months, but since I no longer work over there, I haven't had time to check out the place that opened in that spot which is called OP Cafe. I went today for the 1st time. The physical space has been spruced up a bit and is bright and cheery. The food, however, seemed really pretty unexciting and basic. The menu contains eggs in numerous incarnations and a small selection of wraps and salads. Today they had one special: a barbeque tofu sandwich - which is what I ordered. The french fries were nice, crisp and seasoned well; the sandwich was grilled tofu and crispy fried onions bathed in a very sweet BBQ sauce. Eh... maybe the egg dishes are better?

I believe OP Cafe is open until 3pm. It is located on Ocean Park at 31st.

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  1. the eggs *are* good, as are the burger (the ever-popular arugula/caramelized onions/stinky cheese combo), the OP wrap (chicken/dried cranberries/walnuts), and especially the sweet potato fries.

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      The OP Cafe is really nice , we all friends used to have lunch their on weekends regularly now. I like egg dishes and omelet dishes the most here.

    2. i'm in santa monica on biz next week - i have to get up very early to beat the traffic so i figure i'll check this place out - the guy i'm meeting lives in that area so i asked him about this place - he loves the place ( now granted, he ain't a "foodie" in that i asked for details he didn't have much to say except he liked the food ) he said he eats there 2-3 times a day - mainly for breakfast - he said the chefs ( would it be chef or cook ? ) are from a place called marmalades...now i'm wondering if i'm a foodie because i've never heard of marmalades - is it in santa monica too ?

      anyways, i will report after my meal. i love old style diner places with a modern twist..i hope this hits the spot

      1. I live close to the OP cafe & initially i had a few very good meals there including breakfast & lunch though lately omlettes have been over cooked & uninspired (my proscuitto was clumped together & cooked till hard as rock). My last salad was fine but not something I'd crave. My husbands burger was well done despite his request for medium rare.......

        for breakfast locally i like amondine on wilshire at bundy..... the pastries are very yummy and the croque madam devine......but my last omlette was also overcooked...

        1. OP cafe is great. Service is quick and they are the friendliest bunch you will find anywhere.

          You can literally have a big breakfast for two for about $10.

          TEN BUCKS!

          You can't find that anywhere else in LA with food of this quality.

          1. I liked the omelets and egg dishes at the OP Cafe. Due to shortage of time at morning I usually have my breakfast at this cafe only. Also ,they provide a lot of options for lunch too. I love this place and it had now become my favorite breakfast spot.

            1. Historically the OP Cafe was green and a lovely dive. It was run by folks who were quirky and made good food. About a year ago I went in and there was a new and soulless attitude. The familiar folks and diveyness was gone, replaced by well scrubbed cheeriness and ordinary food; wraps and such. The old Mexican/diner crossover was gone. Sadly it's another mom and pop sold out to ordinariness with a business plan. IMHO

              1. I want to shed a tear every time I drive by the new Ocean Park Cafe. It looks so pretentiously bland.

                I really loved the old one. Most of the menu was unremarkable, but there were touches that made it ideal for regular trips: the coffee, the salsa, the grime. The family that ran it was really nice too.

                Alas. The landlord raised the rent astronomically (I think 300%) and they had to leave--after the new tenants offered to hire them for minimum wage to run the newly decorated place. I have no idea what happened to them, but I'd like to. For a while they were looking to open a new cafe.

                There was a great diner/cafe/dive on 14th and Wilshire. Really cheap early bird special and fantastic pancakes.