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Nov 7, 2006 10:20 PM

Canoe Restaurant in St.Charles, MO

I've been invited to lunch at Canoe Restaurant in St. Charles, MO. Has anyone been here and can offer an opinion? From the website it looks as though it's the former Winery Restaurant. What's the skinny? Does anyone know?

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  1. I'm going to respond to my own query since I just returned from this restaurant.

    If you like a pleasant atmosphere with adequate food, then this place is for you. Despite the reviewers' rating of 9.3 in Sauce magazine, the four of us who dined at Canoe on Main Street in St. Charles would have given it a 5 at best. The soup starters (shrimp, beer cheese, and butternut squash were sampled) were nothing special. The salmon BLT (sampled by two diners) was insipid and served atop of a soggy bun. The bratwurst was ample (about a foot long) but lacking in flavor. The sauerkraut that topped it made the bun beneath so wet as to be inedible. The cheeseburger was fine, but not worth a return visit. The German potato salad, supposed to be a house speciality, was similarly insipid. All of us were under the impression that German potato salad contained vinegar to give it some zing. This variety seemed to be nothing more than steamed red potatoes, quartered, and tossed with a decidedly bland stone ground mustard. One would think the mustard would have given it some would have been wrong. We ended up tossing it with the remoulade sauce that accompanied the salmon BLTs and found this to be very tasty. The cole slaw was wet and flavorless.

    We decided to try the dessert and chose a cappuccino chocolate cake. It was elegantly presented by a very affable waiter but again, had no taste.

    When the weather and the waiter are the best parts of a dining experience it's probably best not to return. We won't.

    1. I have been a few times and was under whelmed. I was hoping for more. The menu sounds like it would be good but the execution is lacking. For the prices charged for dinner, it needs to "be there".

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