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Nov 7, 2006 10:05 PM

Place to dine solo in the Quarter

I'm going to be in town Thursday evening to meet up with my brother and some of his friends from Denver. I'm from Lafayette and am familiar and comfortable by myself in the Quarter; I was going to go down early to get us checked into the hotel (Bourbon Orleans) and go somewhere for dinner. Any restaurant that's particularly good to sit at the bar and eat? I was thinking sushi but I don't know of anyplace in the Quarter. I've eaten at the bar at Mr. B's with a group before. My brother is renting a car so I won't have to drive out there to pick them up (meaning I want some place with good WINE!!!).

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  1. Immediately Post-K, I hit K-Paul's and ate at the bar. It was wonderful. I've eaten there twice then with my wife at a table, but there's no problem eating at the bar.

    1. I just came back from a week down in Nola by myself. Try GW Fins or Pelican Club - food was great in both places, so was the service.

      1. I eat out often by myself and I have found the Bourbon House (obviously Bourbon St, #144, one of the Brennan's sites) to be quite nice for people who (like me) like to sit at the bar when alone. The oysters are (were) wonderful....try the trio...can't remember what they called them.

        P.S. I'm in Lafayette myself.

        1. I ate at the Chef's Food Bar (not at the cocktail bar) at both Cochon (Quarter-adjacent in the Central Business District) and at NOLA (in the Quarter) and was very pleased with both. I am a single woman dining alone, and at both places I was treated very well and the food was amazing at both. I avoid eating in the cocktail bars because of the cigarrete smoke issue. Both places had decent wine selections as well.

          1. Horinoya is on Poydras in the CBD, I think it's the best sushi in the city. Peristyle had a nice little bar.