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Nov 7, 2006 09:58 PM

Suggestions for Asian Food Event

The non-profit I work for is going to be holding a food event. I am looking for ideas on presentations to be held for the public that deal with Asian food that would not require a kitchen or cooking facilities as there is limited electricity and some of it will be held outside in a tent.

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  1. Sushi making.
    Thai vegetable carving.
    Japanese tea ceremony.
    You could also find cold dishes to demonstrate -- my vote would be for Thai papaya salad. Vietnamese spring rolls would be good too.

    1. You might contact the Asian Chef's Association in S.F. They might be able to help and are into community events. If you need a contact, I can help but I think your organization will be more then enough.

      1. a goood camping stove provides high butane and doesn't require electricity.

        1. have done a number of pad thai stations using butane burners that can be rented from rental company. bring softened pad thai noodles, sauce, slivered vegetables of diff types.
          heat a non-stick skillet, add a little sauce, heat, add noodles, veg's (guest can pick these if you want more interaction),stir to heat and put on small plate.

          as chowpatty suggested, doing a fresh vietnamese spring roll assembly demonstration is also a fun idea.

          fruit- display a wide variety of fresh whole fruits, w/ labels and countries of origin. cut open and serve portions as well.

          it helps if you include info about where you are; what asian groups you're trying to represent (is it to reflect a certain local population?); is this just an entertainment/learning feature or a feeding feature/purpose?

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            It is in SF and it can be any Asian group. Strictly a entertainment/cultural event.