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Nov 7, 2006 09:44 PM

Best North End Italian

We're coming to Boston from New York and we'd like an upscale, yet traditional North End Italian restaurant. We are considering Lucca, Bricco (although I know the famed chef left). Any other possible suggestions.

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  1. Those are two places I whose food has slipped a bit recently in my estimation. My favorite upscale places include Mamma Maria (mainly Northern, somewhat formal, a rare white-tablecloth experience in the neighborhood), Prezza (jazzy modern Italian with half the menu devoted to grilled, chophouse fare), Sage (a tiny, high-craft kind of creative Italian), Taranta (strong seafood, with a chef who works in some flavors from his native Peru), and MarcO (another small place with a talented, creative chef). I've also had some great meals at Carmen, a small, intimate trattoria-style place, but haven't been back in a while. Make reservations.

    1. It's been a year or so since I've been, but I liked Terramia an awful lot.

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        Pomodoro, La Brace, and Limoncello

      2. I second the Sage recommendation. The gnocchi there is to die for. The place is tiny, so you will want to make a reservation. I also really like Tresca. The menu has some modern flare, but also has old favorites. Tresca also has a great selection of wine..but no liquor.

        1. La Brace, Eclano. Both off the beaten path.

          1. MC covered it well (especially Sage), as did some of the other posters (good ideas with Terramia, Eclano, and La Brace). I'd add La Galleria 33.

            Still, in the end, I'd go with Sage or Mamma Maria. Not exactly original ideas to be sure, but the two overall, best, one-chance-to-eat-in-the-North-End choices. IMO of course.