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Favorite diner foods?

Any really good "diner" recipes? ie superlative/"special" tuna salad, cole slaw etc?

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  1. Here is my recipe for cole slaw, a variation of one found in the National Grange cookbook. I make a large batch every week for the local ham and bean supper and have received many compliments except from my sister who thinks it's too sweet. Generally I use two heads of cabbage unless it's a really large, dense head, and three carrots. It's usually made after lunch, refrigerated and served when the supper begins at 4:30pm. The pickle juice is the "secret ingredient".

    Coleslaw dressing
    1 C store brand mayonnaise
    1/3 C sugar
    1/2 white vinegar
    1 T celery seed
    1 tsp salt
    1/4 dill pickle juice

    1. Grilled american cheese on seeded rye. I never do it at home, I don't know why, but in diners it's always perfect.

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        Completely agree with you on the grilled cheese. Even though it takes three ingredients I can never duplicate it at home.

      2. I'm a big fan of corned beef on rye (not toasted) with Russian dressing and coleslaw. Give me a side of fries and a half sour pickle and I'm happy.

        1. Biscuits and Gravy

          Hashed Browns

          Chopped Liver

          Egg Cream

          1. The only diner I frequent in Toronto is the Vespa, a 12-stool lunch counter at Bathurst and Dupont. And the only thing I have there is the "Hollywood" sandwich - a variant on a club, but made with their chunky chicken salad instead of turkey. Served with their vinegar coleslaw, it's a sloppy, two-handed delight.

            1. chicken club sandwich on rye

              1. My favorite phrase to spot on a menu: "Breakfast served anytime." And that's what I want from a diner - eggs over easy, hash browns, sausage/bacon/corned beef hash/fried fish/scrapple/whatever...biscuits if they're good ones, sourdough toast out here in California, grits where they're good, potatoes fried with onions and peppers ditto ditto. A chicken-fried steak with gravy can be a lovely thing, as can biscuits and gravy, though you have to be careful as I was once served watery brown steak gravy over yeast rolls, the memory of which still gives me the willies.

                And I suppose we have to say that if their coffee's no good, then you just have to move on.

                1. Chocolate Egg Cream, made with U Bet syrup, milk and spritz of seltzer.

                  1. My favorite diner foods are chicken fried steak, biscuits and gravy, and sometimes meatloaf. And don't forget a few drops of Tabasco on top!

                    1. Besides breakfast food - where I do I start with favorites there? - ooey gooey grilled cheese on white bread or challah with lots of butter on the bread and french fries. Extra ketchup for dipping all around

                      1. The ubiquitous open face hot beef sandwich is something I have a hard time refusing in a diner. White bread, tender beef, fluffy mashed potatoes all covered with rich, thick hot gravy. I could drop my face on it and just die from delight!

                        1. corned beef hash, scrambled eggs and home fries. Bless NYC's Greek diners

                          1. Biscuit & Gravy
                            Pulled pork sandwich.

                            1. French Fries
                              Grilled Cheese

                              1. Hashbrowns, Eggs and Sausage for breakfast

                                Patty Melt on Rye for lunch

                                Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes for Dinner! :)


                                1. fries with cheese and gravy -- known as Special Fries at Jerry's Charcoal Pit in Teaneck, NJ

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                                    Or poutine in Canada, though it has to be with fresh cheese curds and "hot chicken" gravy.

                                  2. Club sandwich with fries.