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Nov 7, 2006 09:26 PM

NYC Chowhound visits Vegas for a Bachelor Party

So a friend got engaged. The natural next step, book a vegas trip with 15 friends....

Looking for suggestions for a larger group dining (we can be seated seperately or private dining spaces work as well). Looking for great Vegas restaurants (all pricepoints are fine) to do a Friday night dinner and a Saturday night dinner. We are all mid-twenties with stable jobs (read: willing to spluge for the occassion), looking for non-NYC-offshoots (as much as it pains me, no Nobu this trip, will likely skip Tao et. al. in Venetian as well)...

So far, a friend has mentioned N9ne(?) Steakhouse in the Palms... Suggestions will be greatly apprecaited!

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  1. For a mid-20's bachelor party, I think N9ine Steakhouse is the best way to go. The atmosphere definitely lends itself to that type of situation and it's always chock full of "beautiful people". Otherwise you might try Simon's Kitchen at the Hard Rock. The last time I was there I noticed an area off to the side that was hidden behind velvet curtains that appeared to be a bachelor party of some sort. You can't go wrong with the Hard Rock for that age bracket. Either option is worthwhile.

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      Thanks - I believe we are staying at the Hard Rock so I will investigate Simon's Kitchen as that'd be convenient... I have a long list of restaurants taken off these boards/zagat. Any thoughts on the below? Definitely aiming for a balance of both good food (very important to me, maybe less-so to the rest of the bunch) and solid scene (beautiful people, etc. etc.):

      -cammander's place
      -fix or mix
      -michael mira
      -prime steakhouse (although we will probably do N9ine based on the above)

      Also - not sure if its appropriate for these boards but whats hot in Vegas right now club-wise (have heard tryst at wynn, not sure what else...)?

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        Out of all those you just listed I would maybe consider only Fix or Mix. Fix because it's very much like N9ne in that it has loud music and sometimes a lot of "want-to-be-seen"s. Mix only because it's a really cool restaurant but not for much else. I don't think the food is that great and it's very overpriced.

        If you are planning to get a little wild & crazy then none of the other places would be real good choices. They are all really good but not really the "rowdy" type of places.

        I still think N9ne or Simon's would be perfect for what you're looking for.

    2. I agree with N9ne or Simon's. Other options on your list don't scream out bachelor party. You might consider Stack at the Mirage and Social House at Treasure Island.

      1. N9NE or FIX would be my choices as well, for what you are looking for. Both have excellent food and are a great deal of fun. If you go to N9NE, don't miss the Rock Shrimp Appetizer: it is terrific, served creatively and the sauces are kickass. I have never had anything at FIX that was not excellent. The Adult Mac-n-Cheese is particularly delicious.

        Mix is a great place for a drink.

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          You aren't kidding about the rock shrimp. That is a great dish and I love the sauces. Lots of kick. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of their steaks and I only go there when I'm in the mood for that type of atmosphere but they rock it every night.

        2. Fix and N9ne are both great; you might also consider the new Italian restaurant, Novo, at the new Playboy club tower at the the Palms. I haven't been but it has gotten some nice reviews. I would echo those that recommend Mix only for a drink; beautiful room and views, not so great and very very pricy food. You might consider Commander's Palace for a lunch, if you are going to be in LV on a day that they have the twenty-five cent martinis...could be just the ticket. I didn't love Stack, I thought Fix was much better. A branch of Japonais also just opened in the Mirage, but you can get that in NYC. One last recommendation would be BOA Steakhouse in the Forum Shops....very hip atmosphere, good service, and a variety of indoor/outdoor options that could easily accomodate your party.

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            I had forgotten about Nove. That might be a decent option especially since you can get walked up to the Playboy Club afterwards without a cover ( depending upon how many are in this bachelor party ). However, this is fair warning: The food is EXTREMELY mediocre and they use too much spice in everything. I ate there a couple weeks ago after they first opened and some of what we had was good and other things were really really bad. The charcuterie board was really well done, the truffle risotto was tasty but undercooked, and the flatbread pizza wasn't bad. The grilled octopus was way overcooked and rubberized, their tomato sauce ( which they use quite a bit ) is really spicy, the osso bucco was okay but the saffron risotto with it fell flat. Add to the fact that the service was spotty and they screwed our check up at the end ( which isn't a big deal since we caught it but just adds insult to injury after a disappointing meal ). I'll go back and try it again since we weren't able to get up to the Playboy Club afterwards ( one of us had dress sandals on ), but my expectations on the food aren't high and that's not how I like to begin my meals.

          2. At Red Square, in the Mandalay Bay, you can buy a bottle of vodka and drink it in their "cooler room." They give you various coats and hats (mink, among others)to wear to keep somewhat warm and a very attractive young woman to help with the pooring. Expensive, but certainly different and memorable.

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              I like Red Square for drinks as well, although it gets crazy busy and you are packed in the bar like sardines. A good option for drinks would be to go to Mandalay Bay, have martinis and Red Square, then go have another drink at Mix, then head on to dinner where ever you choose.