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Nov 7, 2006 09:12 PM

The FERMENTING CELLAR - distillery district

Anyone been to an event at the Fermenting Cellar in the Distillery District?
My fiance are thinking of holding our wedding reception there.

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  1. Yes. Went to a jazz event there in the summer - it was awesome. However, it's a huge space and it would be tough to make it 'warm' or 'intimate'.
    On the show 'Heat' on the Food Network, Mark McEwan (Bymark, North 44) caters a wedding there. It's interesting what they do with the space. And of course the menu is amazing.

    1. I worked on a festival there. It is lovely and unique but costs a small fortune for rentals - it is a bare space EVERYTHING has to be brought in and by everything I mean lighting, risers, mobile kitchen everything. We spent $50,000 in rentals that does not count glassware, tables or dishes either.

      1. For a smaller space in that area, I know it's possible to do it inside the Sandra Ainsley Gallery.

        1. I went to the Alliance Atlantis event last week for the launch of Slice.
          It is truly a gorgeous venue, I absolutely love it. I didn't know what to expect and was knocked off my feet. Yes I also caught the HEAT episode with Mr McEwan and that was great as well.

          I'm in the process of trying to set up a launch party for a company there sometime next year. I've decided, that's where I want to have it.

          Go for it!.

          1. If that is the large space at The Distillery, we considered having our wedding there as well. But we were only having 100 people and decided that we'd spend a small fortune (beyond the rental fee) in trying to make the space feel more intimate. It is a stunning room, no question, but you must bring in everything and your costs will add up. If you're having a large crowd and a healthy budget, great but if you're less than 150, I'd consider a smaller space. Sandra Ainsley used to rent for private events but at least a couple of years ago, they weren't doing weddings. There is the Gibsone Jessop gallery and also Artcore - both gorgeous spaces - and depending on the season, you can also add a tent outside. Good luck!