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caterers...who's the best?

Just wanted some opinions on who would be best to cater a wedding reception in Toronto.
Anyone have any that the used that were exceptionally good (or exceptionally bad)

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  1. I've never been to a wedding catered by Daniel et Daniel but our office always has them cater our events and we've always been pleased.

    1. I second D et D.

      Been to a wedding with DetD. good but make sure you reheat well. the instructions they give suck.


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        you mean you have to heat the food up yourself...they dont have ppl come to set up adn do that?

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          They do at a cost. i think they list pricing for everything on their website.

          what do you need a caterer for? will heating it up yourself be too much effort?


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            well its for my wedding reception, so I dont really want to have to bother with all the food set up and stuff, as well we want 'food stations' so i assume someone would have to man those


      2. Oh yes D et D is excellent! my friends 40th was catered by them. I would recommend. Tour boi

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          I'm not so sure about D et D. I've been to several corporate events catered by them, and haven't been that impressed.

        2. I've been at several weddings/engagements parties, etc. catered by a smaller company called "Food Magic Catering" and they've always been great. Nice people too.

          1. I like Urban Fare...excellent food and service...you name it they have it...or let them suggest what's hip...been to many functions and Weddings where they catered...Miranda

            1. I haven't had anything catered in years, but I used to love Urban Source, which has been in operation for about 20 years and has excellent food.


              1. D and D just did our wedding and we were so very happy!

                1. A few other options - Dish, The Moveable Feast and Ginger Island. Also, Mark McEwan/North 44 does catering (they do some very cool upscale bbq's).

                  1. Anyone used Sumptuous Catering or Presidential Gourmet? Those are the top two we are thinking of.

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                      I use Sumptuous all the time. I have used them for corporate events big and small, and I have them booked for a company christmas party this Dec. I have also used them at home whereby they prep the dishes and drop off and I just finish the cooking/re heating.
                      I have always thought they have done an excellent job every time and very reasonable (I always get 4 quotes and usually use them) Matt at Sump. is the NICEST guy ever too.

                    2. Senses Catering is absolutely out of this world. Ditto for North 44 (I think it is called Parallel). For a cheaper option, L'eat is great. Run by Tony who owns Paese restaurant at Bathurst and Wilson.

                      1. It's not Senses, but I've been to an event catered by Opulence, and it was excellent. http://www.opulenceevents.com/

                        1. I like Urban Fare. We use it at the office all the time for client events. They are fairly reasonable: http://www.urbanfarecatering.com/

                          1. Marigolds and Onions catered a work friend's wedding recently, and he and his bride were really happy with both the food and the price.

                            1. "Toben Food by Design" is the best.

                              Relatively new on the scene, he studied in France and graduated at the top of his class. He worked with Susur Lee in Toronto as sous chef. Now, he caters. And he does it well.

                              He is not adequate. He blows the competition away.

                              1. oops, sorry, made my reply above

                                1. I have had some spectacular food from En Ville Catering - www.enville.com. Haven't been at an event they've done recently, but last time was absolutely perfect.

                                  1. I went to a really nice party a while back that was catered by The Food Dudes ( http://www.thefooddudes.com/ ), their food was amazing!

                                    1. Loved Noble Culinary. Medium on Eatertainment.

                                      1. I plan events for a living both large scale and small and use a variety of caterers across the city. In order of pref my fav's are listed below:

                                        Daniel et Daniel - Mostly I work with Rick
                                        10tation Event Catering – I always work with Sarah P
                                        Marigolds and Onions Ltd – I always work with Carla
                                        Enville - I've mostly worked with Michelle G

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                                          That pretty much nails it.

                                          I haven't heard of Enville yet. Are they new or am I way out of the loop? I'm guessing the latter.