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Nov 7, 2006 08:56 PM

is ad hoc still open?

i remember reading that it was only going to be open for a limited time - is it still open? has anyone been?

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  1. Ate at Ad Hoc on Sunday evening. It is supposed to open through the spring. We had a great meal.

    First: Charcuterie platter with 4 kinds of salami with cornichon, olives, pickled onions, and mustard. Endive/little gem salad with pomegranate seeds and vinaigrette. The endive was stellar. Sounds funny, but it was some of the best endive I've ever had.

    Second: pork shortribs, on kale with dried fruit and hazelnuts and walnuts. Farro on the side. I'm a sucker for farro and pork ribs, so I loved this dish. Mr. Norjah found it a bit fatty, but when can you ever have too much pork fat?

    Third: Ewe's blue cheese, apples, honey. Ridiculously cute presentation with the honey in a little jar. Skimpy on the apples, like 4 tiny slices. Cheese was yummy, but common.

    Fourth: chocolate brownie, caramel sauce, vanilla whip cream. So the brownie bored me, but I ate the carmel sauce by the spoonful. So damn good.

    We weren't drinking (more) after a day of wine tasting. Found the service to be very casual but attentive. We walked in at 5:30 with no problems. They do take reservations some days of the week, but I don't know the specifics.

    1. The floor manager I talked to said they will remain open at least 9 months to indefinitely.

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        Weird that staff is giving different answers. I was told that it would be open "at least through the spring."

        1. re: norjah

          I wouldn't call that different, per se (no pun intended).
          "9 months to indefinitely" is still technically "through the spring." Of course, if you want to get technical, this was told to me more than a month ago, so it's more like "8 months to indefinitely."

          By the way, our meal there was fan-freakin-tastic; fingerling & haricots verts salad with serrano ham & figs, Tri-tip with barley & glazed carrots, poached pears with camembert & lemon pound cake with fresh blueberry compote. Our server was so adorable in that eager to help & enthusiastic about the food kind of way. We will definitely be back.

      2. I also heard that if it goes well they might just stay open. Sort of hard to argue if they continue to pack them in.

        Went last week, heirloom tomato salad, tri-tip w/ kale, goat cheese and walnuts, raspberry and blueberry fruit tart...very good overall.

        1. I went to a Thomas Keller cooking demo right when Ad Hoc opened and he said they will keep serving food as long as people keep coming. (As if people would stop going!!!)

          1. We met friends at Ad Hoc last week for a 4:00 p.m. "Sunday Supper" and it was fantastic. Huge portions of jewel-like salad, the best short ribs - (served on lentils with roasted baby veggies, meat taken off the bone already) - that any of us had ever tasted - and a cheese course that was a light meal all by itself. The wines were reasonably priced, the staff was attentive yet low-key and there was so much dessert, we took some home! This is really a special place and as excited as I am about their upcoming "Burgers and Half Bottles" replacement restaurant, I would be happy if they just kept Ad Hoc as is!