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Nov 7, 2006 08:52 PM

Escondido - short review

We actually had a few nice dining experiences in Escondido.

First disappointmet was 150 Grand which I assume has closed for good. We showed up on Halloween night and they were closed but no sign explaining why they weren't there during their normal hours.

So, we ventured across the street to Vincent's. What a pleasant surprise. The chef/owner is an artist with chow. We had a first-rate dinner in a lovely atmosphere.

The French bakery on Grand is also first-rate. Tried the breakfast selections which are served with fruit and choice of their baked goods. Quality stuff.

Champions was also a good choice for a hearty breakfast. They serve up some huge homemade cinnamon rolls that looked yummy.

There is chow to be found in Escondido. Thanks for the rec's.

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  1. An article in last week's paper said that 150 Grand has a new owner. They are continuing old menu items and adding a few new ones (no notes on what those will include). A Saturday and Sunday jazz brunch was also mentioned; I made a mental note to check it out soon. I know they remodeled; maybe that's why they were closed when you were here.

    1. Try Remy's on Grand. 150 Grand always has a new owner, but is usually reliable. The French Bakery also has a new owner, but Jacques is still helping out a bit. Not sure about the meals, but the classic French tarts are still fine.