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Nov 7, 2006 08:42 PM

newark area vegetarian

Meeting a couple, one of whom neither eats meat nor fish, to see a show at the museum in downtown Newark. They'll have a car but we don't want to have to drive too far away and then drive us back to Newark Penn Station. Not sure if down neck Portuguese restaurants would have much of a non-fish vegetarian selection. Same with the various Latin restaurants in Kearney and Harrison across the river. Italian hot dogs at Dickie Dees are, alas, obviously out. Was thinking of the Belmont Tavern in Bloomfield but that is a bit far out and haven't been there for years.


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  1. The restaurants in the immediate area all have veggie options. If you are going during business hours , the salad bar at the food court on Raymond Blvd has tons of choices- not very chowhoundy, but varied. Same with the little sandwich place about a block from the museum- they have many homemade salads- but again, during business hours.
    If it is the comic show, you will enjoy it!But do post this on the correct board for more responses.

    1. You should post this in Tristate Region, though I'd gladly trade Staten Island for Newark.

      1. Sorry about the misposting. Caught it just after I hit post and couldn't figure out if it could be retrieved. Did repost.