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Nov 7, 2006 08:42 PM

High end restaurants in Taipei?

Hello -

Thinking about a return trip to Taipei. I haven't been back in a few years, so I am not as aware of the current dining scene.

I'd like very much to treat my in-laws to a couple of really nice dinners. I recall the touted hotel restaurants as not being very good. My in-laws would likely prefer Cinese to Western cuisine.

I think People's Restaurant is still open, and I hope it is as good as I recall. Are there any other places 'hounds can receommend?


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  1. I also haven't been to Taipei in years, but I remember a fancy restaurant that opened west of Xinsheng nan lu and between Renai lu & Zhongxiao dong lu. It's a white octagonal/roundish building with old-style roof tiles, tucked off the main road. I thought it was called Xiangchu, but I think that's another restaurant (maybe Xiangfu?). This one is a beautiful multi-floor place decorated lavishly (but modernized). The wood was supposed to all be Huanghuali wood. The food was tremendous when it opened, but I would check to see if that's still the case. Price is fixed & was pretty expensive, but you got what the chef recommended. Apparently there's parking in floors underground.

    I did have one fantastic Zhejiang-style meal in a nice small hotel near the Sherwood, but again that was a long time ago. Sorry I'm not much help, but some of my best eating EVER was in Taipei so I think of it often. If it's good food & not fancy that you're seeking, you won't have to look far. Good luck!!

    1. In Asia in general, in particularly in Taipei and Hong Kong, often the best restaurants are in the big hotels. The big hotels hire the top chefs and often the hotel setting is impressive----all this means great, yet expensive food, and big face to the host. In Taipei, the Grand Hyatt and the Far Eastern Hotel both have outstanding buffet restaurants (serving both western and Chinses food)--great for brunch and are high status; they also have lovely, costly
      restaurants inside their glitzy locations. Taipei has many fantastic restaurants, unless you have the advice of a local,
      your safest and best bet is to eat at top 5 star hotel for the type of dinner you seek. Let us know how it turns out!

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      1. The October issue of Gourmet has an excellent article on Taipei restaurants that covers everything from high-end restaurants to street food.

        1. Snake Alley , Tainan Danzha Min (Tainan Seafood)