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Nov 7, 2006 08:40 PM

Please help me find this Riesling

I don't really drink wine, but there's this one kind of Riesling I really like. Laugh if you must, but I bought it because the bottle was pretty -- it was frosted glass, and if you looked through the bottle, a Christmas scene (house with snow, decorated fir trees) was visible from the back of the bottle.

I have no idea what country it was from, but I'm guessing USA because it was pretty cheap -- about $15 a bottle or so. And there's no way I can look up a wine by what the bottle looks like (Google Images was no help). I haven't seen it recently in any of the places where I usually see wine, and I'm wondering if it's only seasonal, hence the Christmasy look.

If things rings a bell with anyone, I'd greatly appreciate it. :-)

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  1. This is actually a German Riesling, from Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, imported by Halby Marketing in Sonoma. Indentifying the winery is difficult for German wines; perhaps someone else out there can help.

    Pretty widely distributed, well made, and as you said reasonably priced; we find it at the local (Oregon) Safeway. Different bottles have different scenes.

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    1. Thank you both so much!!

      The wine is Moselland (Robert's link helped out) and the particular bottle style is called ArsVitis. Here's a picture of what I was thinking of:

      Fruity bouquet, peach and lemon aroma on the palate.
      Serving suggestions: Serve it well chilled with chicken, pasta and salad or on its own.

      1. One more question if I may, because when I was taking voice in college I refused to sing in German (because it was too hard to translate) so my pronunciation stinks. But despite that, I don't want to look dumb. :-P

        Is it "moh-zell sar ROO-ver?"

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            "MOH-zel zar OO-Vuh" is closer to how I have heard it pronounced by German winemakers. The first "r" in "Ruwer" isn't pronounced very hard, it's more of a gutteral "OO". The second "r" is also very soft. I'm not sure if that's how a German language teacher would tell you to pronounce it, but that's how the guys from that region say it. This is also how the society of wine educator's online audio tutorial pronounces it, but I can't link to because it's available only for paid members.